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Hello. So, I just completed the Main Quest of the Orbis Vallis, and in doing so, i drove the K-Drive a bit, as you are supposed to use it at the very end of the Quest. After finishing it, I came back to the Vallis to use the K-Drive again, and to get the 1.000.000 m Trophy. However, I had no clue where I could find it: I looked for it in the Vallis, then I checked on the Internet and I saw a lot of people complaining about the fact that they did not receive the K-Drive for free use (Like the Archwing), despite finishing the Quest, and I found no solve to that.


So, I'd like to know if somebody here have an idea: is this a bug? So you can't use the K-Drive again after you finish the Quest, or can you find it somewhere?


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