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[Question] Is it against any rules on this site?


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I am planning to get a special USB stick which allows me to control TWO different PS4 consoles with ONE DS4 controller. The USB stick basically duplicates the inputs from one controller and then map the signal into two consoles. 


If I use this USB stick to plat two games at the same time (e.g. Word Sudoku by POWGI EU and Word Sudoku by POWGI NA), both trophy lists will have exactly same trophy timestamps. Question is, is it against any rules for game-flagging on this site? 

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Team accounts are allowed, so being your own team should be allowed. The PS4s you use would have screenshots for the trophies, this doesn't give you an unfair advantage because anyone who can get a 2nd PS4 and the device you want can also do the same thing as you. 

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I believe people have already done this for games like The Walking Dead that have PS3 and PS4 versions - you can control a PS3 with a wired connection, but the blutooth inputs will still control a PS4 with the same inputs.


Haven’t tried it myself, as I’m not a crazy person, but It all seems quite simple, and for games where any lag difference wouldn’t matter and where there is no randomisation, you could probably get multiple trophies with only a single tv hooked up 

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11 minutes ago, melodicmizery said:

man i thought i was the most antisocial person on earth until this lmao


On the contrary. I want to help other people by filling up lobbys of dead multiplayer games with dummy accounts.

Much easier navigating one or two controllers instead of four or eight. For the good of the community.

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