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Design Your Own Trophy List


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PSNProfiles Fourms Trophy Set

:platinum: Master of the Fourms

Obtained Every Trophy.

:bronze: Just Getting Started

Obtain 2 pips

:bronze: Celebration Time!

Obtain 3 pips

:silver: 5 And The Dub-0

Obtain 4 pips

:silver: The Big 4 Digits

Obtain 5 pips

:gold: You're the Boss!

Obtain 6 Pips

:gold: God

Become a Mod or a part of the guide team

:bronze: Stupid Me!

Make an ignorant post

:silver: Uh-Oh...

Got a warning post

:bronze: What's on my mind!?

Make 5 status updates

:silver: Is that what's on my mind?

Make 50 status updates

:gold: That's what's on my mind!

Make 100 status updates

:bronze: I'm a bit shy

Make 5 friends

:silver: Yay!

Make 10 friends

:gold: I'm not alone anymore

Make 20 friends

:bronze: I'm being liked!

Reach 5 stars on your profile

:silver: Hello! Mr.Popular!

Reach 5 likes on a single post

:silver: A winner is you!

Win a competion

:bronze: Like me or else...

Reach 10 likes

:silver: I am... EXCELLENT!

Reach 20 likes

:gold: Darkness is The Key!

Your topic has become hot!

:silver: I'll Rip you like Sly Copper!

Get quoted by the man himself

:gold: I am.. The Last... (Survivor)

Have any HN avatar on your PSN or fourm profile

I decided to improve on your trophy list a bit. I've added some trophy images that matched the and and the person That was referenced. So here goes...

PSNProfiles Forums Trophy Set

:platinum:Master of the Forums


Obtained Every Trophy

:bronze:Just Getting Started


Obtain 2 pips

:bronze:Celebration Time!


Obtain 3 pips

:silver:5 And The Dub-0


Obtain 4 pips

:silver:The Big 4 Digits


Obtain 5 pips

:gold:You're the Boss!


Obtain 6 Pips



Become a Mod or a part of the guide team

:bronze:Stupid Me!


Make an ignorant post



Got a warning post

:bronze:What's on my mind!?


Make 5 status updates

:silver:Is that what's on my mind?


Make 50 status updates

:gold:That's what's on my mind!


Make 100 status updates

:bronze:I'm a bit shy


Make 25 friends



Make 50 friends

:gold:I'm not alone anymore


Make 100 friends

:bronze:I'm being liked!


Reach and maintain 5 stars on your forum profile for 6 months.

:silver:Hello, Mr. Popular!


Reach 10 likes on a single post

:silver:A winner is you!


Win a competition

:bronze:Like me or else...


Reach 100 likes

:silver:I am... EXCELLENT!


Reach 200 likes

:gold:Darkness is The Key!


Be the creator of a hot topic.

:silver:I'll Rip you like Sly Copper!


Get quoted by the man himself

:silver:I am the Last one to Survive...


Enter the Platinum Club for TheLastSurvivor's Horrific Challenge.

:silver:Risechi Puts on a Encore!


Have a Persona character as your PSNP avatar for 3 straight months.

:silver:All that work for this, dood?


Include the word dood in 100 consecutive forum posts.

:bronze:Making my mark in the dark!


Equip 10 consecutive avatars for 3 months, with at least two people claiming that they are scary or creepy.

:gold:You Can Only Conn Once


Be the leader in at least one of the leaderboards in the SeaTK Rivalry.

:gold:Absolute Precision


Be the Platinum League's representative in the CWC Cup in the Trophy Hunters League.

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Pokemon Red/Blue (Online would make getting all of the Pokemon a lot easier)

:platinum:  Pokemon Master
Collected all trophies

:bronze:  The First of 150
Obtain your starter Pokemon

:bronze:  The Boulder Badge
Defeat Brock and obtain your first badge

:bronze:  The Cascade Badge
Defeat Misty and obtain your second badge

:bronze:  The Thunder Badge
Defeat Lieutenant Surge and obtain your third badge

:bronze:  The Rainbow Badge
Defeat Erika and obtain your fourth badge

:bronze:  The Soul Badge
Defeat Koga and obtain your fifth badge

:bronze:  The Marsh Badge
Defeat Sabrina and obtain your sixth badge

:bronze:  The Volcano Badge
Defeat Blane and obtain your seventh badge

:silver:  :hidden:  The Earth Badge
Defeat Giovanni for the final time and obtain your eighth and final badge

:silver:  To The Top
Defeat the Elite Four

:gold:  :hidden:  Overthrown
Defeat your rival - now the new Champion - for the last time

:bronze:  Test of Strength
Defeat your rival at Route 22. Twice.

:bronze:  :hidden:  Found “Someone”
Met Bill

:bronze:  :hidden:  Ship Navigator
Found the Captain of the S.S. Anne and obtained the “Cut” HM

:bronze:  :hidden:  Rest In Piece
Brought the ghost to rest

:bronze:  :hidden:  The Gift of Speech

Returned the warden’s teeth and obtained the “Surf” HM

:bronze:  :hidden:  Taken Back
Take back the Silph Company Building

:bronze:  :hidden:  Welcome To The Big Leagues
Exit Victory Road and arrive at Indigo Plateau
:bronze:  Of Ice
Defeat or capture Articuno
:bronze:  Of Lightning
Defeat or capture Zapdos
:bronze:  Of Fire
Defeat or capture Moltres

:silver:  From The Original
Defeat or capture Mewtwo

:silver:  Take Two
Defeat the Elite Four and become League Champion… again

:silver:  Half Of A Collection
Obtain 75 different Pokemon

:silver:  Powerhouse Pokemon
Have a Pokemon reach Level 100

:gold:  Pokemon Powerhouse
Raise six Pokemon to Level 100

:gold:  Gotta Catch ‘Em All!
Complete the Pokedex

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I decided to improve on your trophy list a bit. I've added some trophy images that matched the and and the person That was referenced. So here goes...

PSNProfiles Forums Trophy Set

:platinum:Master of the Forums1L889b63.pngObtained Every Trophy

:bronze:Just Getting Started13Ldef41a.pngObtain 2 pips

:bronze:Celebration Time!51Lc1b6fa.pngObtain 3 pips

:silver:5 And The Dub-013L646a9e.pngObtain 4 pips

:silver:The Big 4 Digits47L82271f.pngObtain 5 pips

:gold:You're the Boss!1L59b7b3.pngObtain 6 Pips

:gold:God44L0216ff.pngBecome a Mod or a part of the guide team

:bronze:Stupid Me!49L7ee853.pngMake an ignorant post

:silver:Uh-Oh...23La5cc68.pngGot a warning post

:bronze:What's on my mind!?9L4acac1.pngMake 5 status updates

:silver:Is that what's on my mind?10La9dda0.pngMake 50 status updates

:gold:That's what's on my mind!7Lcf11f8.pngMake 100 status updates

:bronze:I'm a bit shy40Lae8795.pngMake 5 friends

:silver:Yay!44L12335e.pngMake 10 friends

:gold:I'm not alone anymore25L50583c.pngMake 20 friends

:bronze:I'm being liked!10L07cecf.pngReach 5 stars on your profile

:silver:Hello, Mr. Popular!21L0cdfca.pngReach 5 likes on a single post

:silver:A winner is you!48Lbde84d.pngWin a competition

:bronze:Like me or else...11Lae8d6b.pngReach 10 likes

:silver:I am... EXCELLENT!12L9320b6.pngReach 20 likes

:gold:Darkness is The Key!1Le0cf25.pngYour topic has become hot!

:silver:I'll Rip you like Sly Copper!36L6ff35c.pngGet quoted by the man himself

:silver:I am the Last one to Survive...16L418679.pngParticipate in multiple forum games.

:silver:Risechi Puts on a Encore!18L4b02df.pngHave a Persona character as your PSNP avatar.

:silver:All that work for this, dood?53L4b12b2.pngInclude the word dood in 100 consecutive forum posts.

:bronze:Making my mark in the dark!1L127b96.pngHave a creepy or scary signature

:gold:You Can Only Conn Once1L8d60cc.pngMake and manage a successful leaderboard

:gold:Absolute Precision34L77c0ee.pngMake and manage a successful trophy league

Nice list 9/10
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This one's for the original Metal Gear Solid


:platinum: Tactical Espionage Action - Collect every other Trophy


:bronze: Welcome to Shadow Moses - Ascended to the Surface


:bronze: Cardiac Arrest Found Donald Anderson


:bronze: Trick-Shot - Defeated Revolver Ocelot


:bronze: Tanked - Defeated the M1-Tank


:bronze: Broken German - Defeated the Cyborg Ninja


:bronze: Controller Port 2 - Defeated Psycho Mantis


:bronze: Backtracking - Defeated Sniper Wolf


:silver: There are no continues, my friend - Overcame the Torture


:bronze: Uphill Battle - Climbed to the top of the Communications Tower


:bronze: Grounded - Defeated the Hind D Gunship


:bronze: A love letter straight from my gun - Truly Defeated Sniper Wolf


:bronze: Ear Pull - Defeated Velcan Raven


:bronze: Mighty Morphin' Keycard - Activated Metal Gear Rex


:silver: Meltdown - "Manually Deactivated" Metal Gear Rex


:bronze: Did you like my sunglasses? - Defeated Liquid Snake


:gold: Hero - Escaped Shadow Moses After Disabling the Nuclear Threat


:silver: A Lifetimes Worth of Bullets - Aquire the Infinite Ammo Bandana


:silver: You can't see me! - Aquire the Stealth Camoflage


:gold: The name's Snake, Solid Snake - Aquire the Tuxedo


:bronze: Companion Box - Aquire 1 Cardboard Box


:bronze: Boxing Day - Aquire 2 Cardboard Boxes


:bronze: Shadow Moses Squares - Aquire all 3 Cardboard Boxes


:bronze: I'm not a fire hydrant - Get peed on by a wolf


:bronze: Did I just see a ghost? - Snap a photo of 1 hidden ghost


:bronze: Okay I totally saw a ghost - Snap a photo of 6 hidden ghosts


:bronze: This place is freaking haunted! - Snap a photo of 12 hidden ghosts


:silver: Alright, whats their number? - Snap a photo of 24 hidden ghosts


:gold: I'm freaking out, man! - Snap a photo of all 42 hidden ghosts


:bronze: He could not have eaten the whole thing, right? - Bomb a rat for the Keycard


:bronze: Crane Wrecked - Destroy the crane in the Blast Furnace


:gold: The Master Hero - Get the rank Big Boss


:silver: Perscription-free - Complete both Sniper Wolf fights without using Diazepam


:silver: Rocketter - Complete the second Sniper Wolf fight without taking damage


:bronze: Slap Fight - Have Meryl kill Snake


:gold: How long are these? - Do not skip any of the cutscenes or codec calls



This is just something I came up with on a sleepless night, It's kinda messy but I might clean it up later

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I chose Final Fantasy 6:


Girl in the Gears - Finish the introduction
Kupo-peration - Protect Terra underground
Mechanical Wizard - Edgar joins the party
United Brothers - Sabin joins the party
Water Hazard - Defeat Ultros
Rune Master - Celes joins the party
Magic over Might - Defeat Tunnel Armor
Assassin and his Dog - Recruit Shadow
Forlorn Knight - Cyan joins the party
Purgatory Express - Defeat the Ghost Train
Mister Thou - Gau joins the party
Scuba Trenching - Make it to Nikeah
Esper Defenders - Defeat Kefka at Narshe
Interview with an Esper - Locate Terra
Script? What Script? - Defeat Ultros for the second time
Magicite Motherload - Locate all the Espers in Vector
Ramblin' Gambler - Setzer joins the party
Slam Dancer - Mog joins the party
Into the Deep - Locate the door to the Esper World
Extinguisher - Save Relm from the burning house
Octopus Artist - Defeat Ultros for the third time
Not Getting the Hint - Defeat Chupon and Ultros for the final time
Out of Fuel - Escape the Floating Continent
Edgar or not Edgar - Defeat the tentacles in Figaro Engine Room
To Fly Again - Find the Falcon in Darryl's Tomb
Courtship - Find the mystery writer
To Kill and Kill Again - Defeat the SrBehemoth twice
Cleansed - Defeat Phumbaba
Ghost-Busted - Defeat Wrexsoulz
Reborn - Find the Pheonix Magicite
Wizard's First Duel - Defeat the Master Mage
Yeti Again - Umaro joins the party
Mime Here - Gogo joins the party
Not-So-Old Timer - Defeat Hidon
Too Realistic - Deafeat Chardanook
United Again - Locate everyone that was lost
Returner Recruiter - All playable characters have joined the party
Magic Murderer - Defeat Kefka
Dragon Hunter - Defeat all 8 dragons
We Own the Skies - Defeat Doom Gaze
Definitly not Jack - Defeat 5 Monsters-in-a-Box
Atma Smasher - Locate the Atma Weapon
Magicite Collector - Locate all pieces of Magicite
Blue Mage Master - Learn all the Lore Spells
Rage On - Learn 50 enemy Rages
Hot Two-Step - Learn all of the dances
Lucky 7 - Get Three '7's on Setzer's Slot Machine
Tek-King - Find all of Edgar's Tools
Almost 100k - Do 99,999 damage in one attack
Thanks Luke, er, Locke - Save someone with a certain suit on

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Story related trophies:

trophy_bronze.png Don't worry, it's scripted - Lose the battle with Ridley

trophy_bronze.png Trio Trouble - Defeat the Goblin trio during the first mission

trophy_bronze.png Home Sweet Home - Enter your house for the first time

trophy_bronze.png Destroy All Humans! - Choose to side with the Elves

trophy_bronze.png ? - Choose to side with the Human

trophy_silver.png Fire Fighter - Defeat Parsec, the Fire Dragon


Collectible trophies:

trophy_bronze.png Recruiter - Recruit 10 friends

trophy_bronze.png Manhunter - Recruit 50 friends

trophy_silver.png ? - Recruit 100 friends

trophy_gold.png ? - Recruit all 175 friends


Misc trophies:

trophy_silver.png ? - Complete all guild missions

trophy_silver.png ? - Kick 100 different persons


I'm too lazy to continue, plus i forgot most of the details. Nice thread by the way!

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01  :platinum:  Trophy Capturer 
           Collect All Trophies                               

02  :bronze:  1 Down, 299 To Go

           Capture your first monkey     

03  :silver:  Half way there

           Capture 50% of the monkeys

04  :gold:  All Done!

           Capture 100% of the monkeys                      


05  :bronze:  Blue Speeder

           Capture Blue Monkey      

06  :bronze:  Yellow Belly

           Survived the encounter with Yellow Monkey        


07  :silver:  Nightmare Idol

           Capture Pink Monkey       

08  :silver:  Robot Wars

           Capture White Monkey


09  :silver:  Red Rumbler

           Capture Red Monkey


10  :silver:  Is there something different about you?

           Capture Yellow Monkey


11  :gold:  Master Monkey

           Capture Specter


12  :bronze:  Inspector......

           Acquire all the gadgets


13  :bronze:  Saiyan Monkey

           Capture Son Gokou


14  :gold:  I Gotcha All

           Get all items from the Gotcha Box


15  :gold:  Coin Collector

           Hold 999 Coins


16  :bronze:  GOOOOOAAAALLLL!

           Win a game of Monkey Football


17  :silver:  Champion's League

           Win every game of Monkey Football


18  :bronze:  Tarzan Trainer

           Complete every level in Monkey Climber


19  :silver:  Dance Monkey Revolution

           Pass every song in Dance Monkey. Dance!


20  :gold:  Perfect Rhythm

           Get a score of 50 on every song in Dance Monkey. Dance!



Started making trophy pops for the game but got bored....Here's a quick rough 1 I made that made me laugh:



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This looks fun :3 For my first game, Pokémon Crystal:



:platinum: Pokémon Master!
Got all trophies!
:bronze: Adventure Start!
Started your journey as a Pokémon Trainer
:bronze: I Choose You!
Obtained your Starter Pokémon
:bronze: Who was that?
Met your rival for the first time
:bronze: Zephyr Badge
Defeated the Violet City gym
:bronze: Hive Badge
Defeated the Azalea Town gym
:bronze: Plain Badge
Defeated the Goldenrod City gym
:bronze: Fog Badge
Defeated the Ecruteak City gym
:bronze: Storm Badge
Defeated the Cianwood City gym
:bronze: Mineral Badge
Defeated the Olivine City gym
:bronze: Glacier Badge
Defeated the Mahogany Town gym

:bronze::hidden: Back on Air

Saved the Radio Tower from Team Rocket
:bronze::hidden: Rising Badge
Met Clair at the Dragon's Den after defeating the Blackthorn City gym

:gold: New Pokémon Champion!
Defeat the Elite Four and Champion

:bronze: Bug Catcher

Get first place in the Bug-Catching Contest

:bronze: The Password Is...

Choose the right password for Buena's Password

:bronze: Hatched

Hatch an Egg from the Day-Care

:silver: Puzzle Master

Solved all the Ruins of Alph puzzles

:silver: Alphabet

Caught all the forms of Unown

:silver: Battle Tower

Cleared the Battle Tower Challenge [defeat the 7 trainers]

:silver: Crystal Winds

Caught or defeated Suicune

:silver: Rainbow Skies

Caught or defeated Ho-Oh

:silver: Silver Seas

Caught or defeated Lugia
:bronze: New Region
Arrived in Kanto for the first time

:bronze: Boulder Badge

Defeated the Pewter City Gym

:bronze: Cascade Badge

Defeated the Cerulean City Gym

:bronze: Thunder Badge

Defeated the Vermilion City gym

:bronze: Rainbow Badge

Defeated the Celadon City gym

:bronze: Soul Badge

Defeated the Fuschia City gym

:bronze: Marsh Badge

Defeated the Saffron City gym

:bronze: Volcano Badge

Defeated the Seafoam Islands gym

:bronze: Earth Badge

Defeated the Viridian City gym

:silver::hidden: .....

Defeated Red

:silver: Level Max

Levelled up a Pokémon to Level 100

:gold: Maxed-Out Team

Levelled up 6 Pokémon to level 100

:silver: Halfway There...

Listed 127 different Pokémon in your Pokédex

:gold: Caught 'Em All
Completed the Johto Pokédex [Mew and Celebi not required]


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I always wanted Burnout 3 to come from PS2 to PS4 and earn its own trophy list. For now on, I will create my own list.




:platinum: Takedown Perfectionist

Obtain every Burnout 3: Takedown trophy


:gold: Car Collector

Unlock every car


:gold: World Circuit Racer

Earn all Gold medals in Race events


:gold: Ultimate Crash

Earn all Gold medals in Crash events


:silver: American Tourist

Earn a medal on every event in USA


:silver: European Tourist

Earn a medal on every event in Europe


:silver: Indian Tourist

Earn a medal on every event in India


:hidden::bronze: Compact Series Unlocked

Finish the podium in Home GP and unlock Compact Series


:hidden::bronze: Muscle Series Unlocked

Finish the podium in Compact GP and unlock Muscle Series


:hidden::bronze: Coupe Series Unlocked

Finish the podium in Muscle GP and unlock Coupe Series


:hidden::bronze: Sport Series Unlocked

Finish the podium in Coupe GP and unlock Sport Series


:hidden::silver: Super Series Unlocked

Finish the podium in Sport GP and unlock Super Series


:hidden::gold: Super GP Winner

Win the Super GP


:hidden::gold: Gold Medal GP Winner

Win the Gold Medal GP


:silver: Can I Have Your Autograph?

Collect all Crash Signatures


:silver: Extra! Extra!

Collect all Crash Headlines


:silver: World Traveler

Collect all Special Event Postcards


:bronze: Easy Takedowns Trophy

Earn the Easy Takedowns trophy


:silver: Advanced Takedowns Trophy

Earn the Advanced Takedowns trophy.


:silver: Expert Takedowns Trophy

Earn the Expert Takedowns trophy


:gold: Champion Takedowns Trophy

Earn the Champion Takedowns trophy

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion


:platinum: Savior of Tamriel

End the Oblivion Crisis and obtain every trophy


:gold: You Shall Not Pass!

Close every Oblivion Gate


:gold: My Precious

Take a swim in lava


:bronze: Duty Bound

Witness a guard chase you through an Oblivion gate


:bronze: Stop Right There!

Get arrested


:silver: Cyrodiilian Millionare

Have 1,000,000 Septims


:gold: Tamrielan Billionare

Have over 1,000,000,000 Septims


:hidden: Silent But Deadly

Get away with murder


:bronze: What Was That?

Kill an imp


:bronze: Heir to the Throne

Find Martin


:bronze: Start of a Journey

Find Jauffre


:bronze: Hell on Earth

Enter Oblivion


:bronze: Chosen

Witness the death of Uriel Septim


:bronze: Center of the World

Arrive at the Imperial City


:bronze: Student

Reach level 5


:bronze: Apprentice 

Reach level 10


:bronze: Mentor

Reach level 20


:gold: Demigod

Reach maximum level


:gold: Destroyer of Worlds

Defeat Mehrunes Dagon


:hidden: Roll Credits

Complete the game instantly


:bronze: Money Chaser

Enter a guild


:bronze: Gambler

Win a bet OR complete an Arena fight


:silver: Gladiator

Defeat 10 oppenents in a row in the Arena


:silver: Guild Master

Become head of all the guilds


:bronze: Leader 

Become head of a guild


:bronze: Adventurer

Complete 50 side quests


:hidden: Cartographer

Explore 120 locations in Cyrodiil


:hidden: Siege

Survive the siege of Kvatch


:hidden: Into the Labyrinth 

Obtain the Welkynd Stone


:hidden: Playing God

Bring the armor of Sancre Tor to life


:gold: Godly Power

With the difficulty slider at maximum (do not change it), defeat Mehrunes Dagon


:hidden: Leap of Faith

Fall from a great height and survive


:bronze: Studious

Read 100 books


:gold: Jack of all Trades

Max out all attributes 


:hidden: Master Thief

Steal the clothes off someone's back


:bronze: Charmed I'm Sure

Successfully charm someone


:hidden: Small Fry

Beat the game without leveling up 


:bronze: Myths and Fables

Destroy the Mythic Dawn


:bronze: Marathon

Travel a total distance (on foot) of 10,000 kilometers


:bronze: Celebrate

Jump up and down on a fence 255 times


:hidden: One Ring to Rule them All

Throw a gold ring into lava


:bronze: Irony Stings

Kill a daedra with a daedric weapon


:bronze: 1.21 Gigawatts

Elecrocute 25 enemies


:bronze: Respect for the Dead

Loot 1,000 Septims from corpses


:bronze: Ninja

Kill an enemy with one strike


:hidden: Busybody

Complete all main quests, all side quests, and discover all locations


:gold: Done

Complete the game

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Let's pretend Sun and Moon have the national dex


:bronze: Took your first step in the Alola Region

:bronze: Choose your Starter Pokemon

:bronze: Capture your first Pokemon 

:bronze: Evolved a Pokemon for the first time

:bronze: Have a full team of Pokemon for the first time

:bronze: Aquire the Normalium Z (all 18)

:bronze: Catch Nebby

:bronze: Complete a trial without using a Z-move

:bronze: Use a Z-Move for the first time

:bronze: Mega Evolve for the first time

:bronze: Have a Pokemon reach level 100


:silver: Have 6 Pokemon reach level 100

:silver: Retain your title as Champion 

:silver: Capture all the Ultra Beasts 

:silver: Collect all non event Z Cyrstals 

:silver: Have 151 Pokemon registered in your Pokedex 

:silver: Have 251 Pokemon registered in your Poxedex

:silver: Have 386 Pokemon registered in your Poxedex

:silver: Have 493 Pokemon registered in your Poxedex

:silver: Have 649 Pokemon registered in your Poxedex

:silver: Have 721 Pokemon registered in your Poxedex

:silver: Have 786 Pokemon registered in your Poxedex

:silver: Encounter a shiny Pokemon 




:gold: Become Champion of the Pokemon League

:gold: Achieve a streak of 100 at the Battle Tree

:gold: Trophy involving the Battle Royal 




:silver: Acquire a Mew

:silver: Acquire a Celebi

:bronze: Acquire a Deoxys

:silver: Acquire a Jirachi

:bronze: Acquire a Manaphy

:bronze: Acquire a Phione

:bronze: Acquire a Darkrai

:bronze: Acquire a Shaymin

:silver: Acquire a Arceus 

:bronze: Acquire a Keldeo

:bronze: Acquire a Genesect

:silver: Acquire a Meloetta

:bronze: Acquire a Diancie

:bronze: Acquire a Volcaninion

:silver: Acquire a Hoopa

:bronze: Acquire a Magernea

:silver: Acquire a Marshadow

:gold: Have 802 Pokemon registered in your Pokedex




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I'll do one for Mario Odyssey before anyone else does it. :)  Some minor spoilers for those that haven't played the game yet.


:platinum: Mario Master

Obtain every trophy in Super Mario Odyssey


:gold: It Doesn't Go Any Higher!

Max out the moon counter


:gold: Switch it Up!

Collect and wear every outfit


:gold: Moon Master

Collect every unique moon!


:gold: Captured my Heart

Capture every creature in the game and add them to the capture list!


:silver: World Peace

Restore peace to the world


:silver: Memories of Our Adventures

Collect all purple coins in the game and buy every souvenir!

:silver::hidden: A Look Back

Find Peach in every kingdom


:silver::hidden: The Ultimate Test

Complete Culmina Crater


:silver::hidden: True Explorers

Complete the Dark Side of the Moon


:silver::hidden: Out of This World 

Reach the Moon Kingdom


:silver::hidden: I-i'm not s-scared!

Scare Bowser with one of your costumes!


:bronze::hidden: Blast From the Past 

Defeat a boss while wearing the Mario 64 costume


:bronze::hidden: Professional Walker

Score 95 or higher in any Trace Walking minigame!


:bronze: Jumpman

Jump 1000 times


:bronze: Mr. Pennybags

Collect a total of 25,000 coins


:bronze::hidden:  What IS That...?

Score 20 points or lower in a Picture Match minigame


:bronze::hidden: Did We Forget Someone?

Obtain and wear the Luigi costume


:bronze: Friendly Competition

Submit your score to the leaderboards


:bronze::hidden: Let's Do the Odyssey

Complete the performance in Metro Kingdom


:bronze::hidden: Look at Me!

Capture a T-Rex



Not quite 1200 points, but I can't think of any more fun trophies that suit the game and are not "complete all ...." trophies. Quite happy withe the list. Feel free to add suggestions.


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 Revived once more!


The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind


:platinum: Chosen

Earn all trophies in Morrowind.


:bronze: Freedom

Your bonds are broken.


:bronze: Keeper of the House of Dagoth

 Find all House Dagoth amulets.


:bronze: Keeper of the Index

Find all of the Propylon Indices.


:bronze: Otherworldly Power

Obtain a full set of daedric armor.


:bronze: Arrow Finder

Find all daedric arrows.


:bronze: Taxi!

Ride a silt strider.


:bronze: Wail Song

Hear the cry of a silt strider.


:bronze: Explorer

Discover 10 locations.


:silver: Adventurer

Discover 50 locations.


:gold: Cartographer

You uncovered the entire map.


:bronze: Character Development

You leveled up a skill.


:bronze: Character Growth.

Maxed out at least one skill.


:silver: Living Legend

Maxed out all skills.


:silver: Survivor

Survived an attack with 1 health point left.


:bronze: Dungeon Crawler

Cleared out a dungeon - all enemies, all items, and all treasure.


:bronze: Spider Man

Complete the webspinner.


:gold: Fear Not, For I Am Watchful

Doom the world.


:bronze: City of Laws

Undying enmity of the ordinators.


:bronze: Beneath Moon and Star

Complete the path of the incarnate.


:silver: God Killer

Do the impossible.


:silver: Dream Walker

Free all named dreamers.


:gold: Through Fire and Flames

Complete the main quest.


:silver: Helping Hand

Complete 20 side quests.


:silver: Favored

Complete all the daedric quests.


:bronze: You Know That One Game

Loot a great many pots.


:bronze: Leap of Faith

Jump from a great height and live.


:bronze: Sky High

Witness an attempt to fly.


:bronze: Spellcrafter

Craft a spell, then cast it successfully.


:bronze: Riches Beyond Measure

Obtain over 1,000,000 septims.


:bronze: Beastly Violence

Kill one of every single enemy in the game.


:bronze: Hitman

Orchestrate events so that an enemy is killed whilst unaware of your presence.


:bronze: Public Menace

Go to jail.


:bronze: Escape Artist

Break out of jail.


:gold: Child of Destiny

Complete the main quest of Tribunal.


:gold: Prophecy

Complete the main quest of Bloodmoon.


:silver: Solstheim Cartographer

Discover all named locations in Bloodmoon.


:silver: Successor

Become Archmage without killing your predecessor.


:bronze: Creature of the Night

As a vampire, kill a wrrewolf. As a werewolf, kill a vampire.


:bronze: SPF 5000

Survive in the sunlight for more than 5 minutes as a vampire.


:bronze: Tis But a Scratch!

Kill an enemy of equal strength with one hit.


:bronze: Master Thief

Rob the clothes off someone's back.


:bronze: You Gotta Be Kidding

You died in a single hit.


:bronze: Genocidal Maniac

Killed everyone in a town. 


:bronze: Relic

Used the soul of a god to enchant an item.


:bronze: Plague-ridden

Contract every disease.

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My favorite xbox game :yay:. Here's my custom list.


Trophies: 1:platinum:  :bronze:20  :silver:17  :gold:8






:platinum:- Surviving Expert

Obtain every trophy to unlock this trophy


:bronze:- Left behind

Finish the dead center campaign on any difficulty



:bronze:- Undead carnival

Finish the dark carnival campaign on any difficulty



:bronze:- Muddy fever

Finish the Swamp fever campaign on any difficulty



:bronze:- Weather man

Finish the Heavy rain campaign on any difficulty



:bronze:- Bridge burner

Finish the Parish campaign on any difficulty



:silver:- Finally over

Finish all the campaigns on any difficulty



:bronze:- Baby steps

 Finish all the campaigns on Easy difficulty or higher



:bronze:- Standard

Finish all campaigns on Normal difficulty or higher



:silver:- Unbreakable

Finish all the Campaigns on Advanced difficulty or higher



:gold:- Unstoppable survivor

Finish all the Campaigns on Expert difficulty



:silver:- Halfway there

Finish one campaign on Expert difficulty



:silver:- Its so real!

Finish all campaigns on Realism Easy difficulty or higher



:silver:- This is too easy!

Finish all campaigns on Realism Normal difficulty or higher



:silver:- Truly unstoppable

Finish all campaigns on Realism Advanced difficulty or higher



:gold:- The Ultimate survivor

Finish all campaigns on Realism Expert difficulty



:silver:- Try better next time

Die 10 times in a row



:bronze:- No time for a nap

Revive a incapacitated teammate



:bronze:- My hero!

Rescue a survivor trapped behind a door



:silver:- Not special anymore

Kill each Special infected



:gold:- Crowned!

Kill a Witch before she attacks you



:silver:- Shh!

Finish the Heavy rain campaign without alerting any of the Witches



:silver:- On a mission

Finish 35 campaign levels without anyone on the team going down



:gold:- The Ultimate pacifist

Finish all campaign levels without killing a single infected (Normal difficulty or higher)



:bronze:- Trickshot!

Kill a infected at least 250 meters away



:silver:- Where is everyone?

Complete a single level all by yourself



:silver:- Speedster

Finish one campaign in 45 minutes



:gold:- The Killing machine!

Kill 90,000 infected



:bronze:- Not today

Slice the Smokers tongue while being pulled by the tongue



:bronze:- Back off!

Bash a Hunter while its leaping to you



:bronze:- I'm free!

Free yourself from a special infected 15 times



:bronze:- Amazing!

Survive 180 seconds in the Survival game mode



:silver:- Too slow

In versus mode, Defeat the survivor team while your on the infected team


:silver:- We win!

In versus mode, Defeat the infected team while your on the survivor team


:gold:- Easy kills

In versus mode, Incapacitate 3 survivors while you are on the infected team


:gold:- Winner winner chicken dinner!

Win 25 matches in the versus game mode


:silver:- Is this new?

Finish one match in Realism versus


:gold:- So COOL!

Win 10 matches in the Realism versus game mode





:bronze:- Passing the time

Finish the Passing campaign on any difficulty


:bronze:- This is my jam!

Play every song on the Jukebox in the Passing campaign


:bronze:- Really?

Flirt with Zoey while playing on Ellis on the Passing campaign


:silver:- Unstoppable force

Finish the Passing campaign on Advanced difficulty or higher


:bronze:- Time to get wet!

Finish the Cold stream campaign on any difficulty


:bronze:- Hurry up already!

When the helicopter arrives don't enter it for 240 seconds in the Cold stream campaign


:bronze:- Anyone have a map?

Spend 30 minutes in the forest in the Cold stream campaign


:silver:- Is that all you got?

Finish the Cold stream campaign on Advanced difficulty or higher

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I'm doing Saints Row 2. I was gonna make them a mix of the game's Xbox achievements and trophies I would have put in myself...but most of this ended up being similar to the Xbox 360 achievement list. RIP.


:platinum: 1 :gold: 3 :silver: 21 :bronze: 33 = 58 trophies


:platinum: Crime Lord

Collected all trophies.

:bronze: Awakening

You woke up from a coma and resurrected your gang.

:bronze: Freedom!!!

You spared your best friend from the death penalty.

:bronze: Familicide

You failed to save your lieutenant.

:bronze: Star-Crossed Love

You gained sweet revenge in a sick way.

:bronze: Brother's Keeper

You have defeated The Brotherhood.

:bronze: The Sword Is Broken

Your household defense went wrong.

:bronze: Early Discharge

Your right-hand man got out of the hospital early.

:bronze: Seppuku

You have defeated The Ronin.

:bronze: Rescue Me

You freed the Samedi hostages.

:bronze: Holier Than Jesus

You killed what wasn't meant to be killed.

:bronze: Voodoo

You have defeated the Sons of Samedi.

:bronze:/:hidden: Vengeance

You discovered the truth about your meeting with Alderman Hughes.

:silver: A Brighter Future

You have defeated the Ultor Corporation.

:gold: Kingpin

Complete all levels of all activities.

:silver: Bouncer

Complete all levels of Crowd Control.

:silver: Demolition Man

Complete all levels of Demolition Derby.

:silver: Smuggler

Complete all levels of Drug Trafficking.

:silver: Chauffer

Complete all levels of Escort.

:silver: Don't Talk About It

Complete all levels of Fight Club.

:silver: What'cha Gonna Do?

Complete all levels of Fuzz.

:silver: Get To The Choppa!

Complete all levels of Heli Assault.

:silver: Evel Knievel

Complete all levels of Trail Blazing.

:silver: Ambulance Chaser

Complete all levels of Insurance Fraud.

:silver: Wrecking Crew

Complete all levels of Mayhem.

:silver: Benevolent Pimp

Complete all levels of Snatch.

:bronze: Blue Collar

Complete all levels of the Tow Truck, Fire Truck, Ambulance and Taxi diversions.

:bronze: Duke

Find all Stunt Jumps in Stilwater.

:bronze: Top Gun

Find all Flying Stunts in Stilwater.

:bronze: Hi-Fidelity

Collect all CDs.

:bronze: Street Art

Find and tag all 50 graffiti in Stilwater.

:bronze: Dude, Where's My Car?

Deliver all Chop Shop targets.

:bronze: Agent 47

Assassinate all Hitman targets.

:bronze: The Fast and Furious

Win every race in Stilwater.

:bronze: Romero

Complete the Zombie Uprising arcade game.

:silver: The Collector

Find every collectable in Stilwater.

:bronze: Woooo!

Get 3 gold stars in Vehicle Surfing.

:bronze:/:hidden: Stilwater Welcoming Committee

Mug 50 pedestrians.

:bronze:/:hidden: I'm Not Addicted!

Casino rat.

:bronze:/:hidden: That Didn't Feel Good

Aim for the manly part.

:bronze:/:hidden: Muhammad Ali

Talk some trash.

:bronze:/:hidden: Hoedown


:bronze:/:hidden: Love Thy Neighbor

Hold on to your friends.

:silver:/:hidden: Soprano

Sometimes, music speaks to you.

:silver: Addicted

Spend a lot of time in Stilwater.

:silver: Kaishakunin

You completed all Ronin missions in co-op.

:silver: Potheads

You completed all Sons of Samedi missions in co-op.

:silver: Separated at Birth

You completed all Brotherhood missions in co-op.

:gold: Partners in Crime

You completed the game in co-op.

:silver: Duelist

Complete all levels of all activities in co-op.

:bronze: Best Frenemies

Defeat your friend in a co-op diversion.

:bronze: Strong Armed

Complete the online multiplayer tutorial.

:silver: Saint's Seven

Win all seven Strong Arm activities on all seven Strong Arm maps.

:bronze: Affectionate

Host and win a private game.

:bronze: Tested

Win 10 online multiplayer matches.

:bronze: Hoodlum

Earn 7 multiplayer badges.

:silver: Made

Earn 15 multiplayer badges.

:gold: Mastermind

Earn 30 multiplayer badges.

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I’ve always wanted trophy/achievement lists for some of the Mario games so why not do one here. Since Mario odyssey has already been done by someone, I’ll do Super Mario 64 as I love that game.


Platinum = 1

Gold = 5

Silver = 15

Bronze = 29

Total = 50


(Platinum) Now, about that cake? - Earn all other Trophies


(Gold) That’s it! A kiss on the nose! - Defeat Bowser in the sky, complete the game and rescue Princess Peach

(Gold) They’re Mine! They’re all Mine! - Collect all 120 stars

(Gold) Oh come on! This isn’t New Super Mario Bros 2! - Collect 10,000 coins

(Gold) Mario? It that really you? - Find Yoshi and receive 100 lives and a worse triple jump from him.

(Gold) Completionist to the Extreme - Collect all 120 stars on all 4 save files (copying save files is not allowed)

(Silver) So long-a-Bowser - Defeat Bowser in the Dark World

(Silver) So long-ga… ahem, I mean, So long-a-Bowser (phew) - Defeat Bowser in the Fire Sea

(Silver) My preciouses! My preciouses! - Collect 100 stars

(Silver) From Rags to Riches - Collect 5,000 coins

(Silver) Noooo! I misclicked! - Delete a 120 star save file

(Silver) The most infamous trick in Speedrunning History - Perform a Backwards Long Jump

(Silver) The Green Demon - Activate a 1 up mushroom in a stage that follows Mario around until collected, and then collect all 8 red coins and the red coin star without collecting the 1 up

(Silver) Better Safe than Sorry - Obtain 50 lives (Lives obtained from Yoshi do not count)

(Silver) Sorry Latiku, can’t talk, got a Princess to save - Perform Latiku Skip

(Silver) “L is real 2401” - Run 2401 laps around the “L is real 2401” statue in the Castle Courtyard.

(Silver) Leaving no Coin Behind - Collect every coin possible in One Stage 

(Silver) I’m a Plumber! Not a Blue Hedgehog! - Complete the game in under 3 Hours

(Silver) Come on, Mario! Gotta burn off all those Mushrooms and Pastas - Walk 5,000 km

(Silver) Trick Shot - Complete Princess Peach’s Slide in under 15 seconds

(Silver) Mamma Mia! - Lose a Life in every possible way


(Bronze) The Nostalgia Begins - Collect your first star

(Bronze) A tiny Collection - Collect 10 stars

(Bronze) Enough to fill a display case - Collect 40 stars

(Bronze) - Must. Collect. More. Shiny. Stars. - Collect 70 stars

(Bronze) Penny Pincher - Collect 10 coins

(Bronze) Average Payload - Collect 1,000 coins

(Bronze) Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Super Mario - Find and obtain the Wing Cap

(Bronze) Now you see me, Now you don’t - Find and obtain the Vanish Cap

(Bronze) Indestructible.. Until it runs out at least - Find and obtain the Metal Cap

(Bronze) The King Dethroned - Defeat King Bob-omb

(Bronze) Bob-omb Hurler - Pick up and throw a total of 40 bob-ombs. 

(Bronze) I won’t Gravel, er, Grovel - Defeat the Whomp King

(Bronze) Mario, Ice Slide Champion - Beat the penguin down the slide in Cool, Cool Mountain

(Bronze) Hey! No cheating! - Find and take the shortcut during the penguin race in Cool, Cool Mountain

(Bronze) Isn’t this Luigi’s Thing? - Defeat 100 Boos

(Bronze) Who’s the Bully Now?! - Defeat 50 bullies.

(Bronze) Rock, Paper, Scissors? No? Ok. - Defeat the eye hand boss (I forget what the actual name of this boss is, sorry)

(Bronze) My Hat! - Have your hat stolen by Klepto and retrieve it from him

(Bronze) I hate birds.. - Have your hat stolen from Klepto and retrieve it from him 10 times

(Bronze) Gotta go fast, Gotta go fast… - Beat Koopa the Quick in a foot race in Bob Omb Battlefield

(Bronze) …Gotta go faster and faster and faster and faster! - Beat Koopa the Quick in a foot race in Tiny Huge Island

(Bronze) Breaking and Entering - Defeat the giant Wiggler

(Bronze) Just Passing the time - Stand still on a Rotating Clock Hand for 5 minutes

(Bronze) Toasty - Take Damage from the fireplace in the Big House in the Sky in Rainbow Ride

(Bronze) You’re not a cat, Mario - Lose 9 Lives

(Bronze) How did I end up here?! - Find and use a teleport

(Bronze) At least the controls are better than the DS Version - Fly around using the wing cap for a total of 15 minutes

(Bronze) How does this cause damage!? - Take Damage to a Bubble

(Bronze) Mass Murder - Defeat 1,000 enemies total




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Revived once more - this time I'm doing Harry Potter!


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone


:platinum: The Boy Who Lived

Earned all trophies


:bronze: The Adventure Begins

Start your adventure as a wizard


:bronze: My First Wand

Obtain Harry's Wand


:bronze: Power Up

Eat a cauldron cake


:bronze: Healing Medicine

Eat a chocolate frog


:bronze: Alas, earwax!

Eat a Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Bean


:bronze: Smart One

Complete a Spell Challenge


:silver: Untouchable

Complete a Spell Challenge without being hurt


:gold: Grade A Student

Get a top grade in a class


:silver: You Know that One Kid

Complete all Spell Challenges


:gold:  The Chosen One

Complete all Spell Challenges with top grade


:bronze: History Lives

Find a Wizard Card


:silver: Full Deck

Collect all 101 Wizard Cards


:bronze: 1 Up!

Increase Harry's maximum health (20 Wizard Cards)


:gold: Powerful

Learn all spells


:bronze: Sleuth

Discover a secret area


:hidden::bronze: It Burns Things

Learn Incendio


:hidden::bronze: Wingardium Leviosa

Defeat the troll in the girl's bathroom


:hidden::bronze: A Light in the Dark

Learn Lumos


:hidden::bronze: Cutting Edge

Learn Diffendo


:hidden::bronze: Master of Unlocking

Learn Alohomora


:hidden::bronze: Spring in Your Step

Learn Spongify


:hidden::silver: Snake Would Be Proud

Sneak past Percy without getting an alert


:hidden::gold: Dark Lord

Defeat Voldemort


:bronze: Dungeon Crawler

Explore the depths of Hogwarts


:silver: Spooky

Survive the Forbidden Forest


:silver: The Four

Find the Wizard Cards of Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff,

Salazar Slytherin and Rowena Ravenclaw


:bronze: Full Bag

Have 999 beans


:bronze: Full of It

Have Harry Potter's Wizard Card


:gold: Best Team

Win the Quidditch match


:bronze: Fly High

Get your broom


:bronze: Ouch!

Overload a spell


:silver: Studious

Have the most House Points at the end of a day


:gold: Completionist

100% achieved


:silver: Monster Hunter

Complete the Folio Bruti


:silver: Helper

Finish all Notice Board requests


:bronze: Treat

Eat a pumpkin pasty


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


:platinum: The Heir of Slytherin

Earned all trophies


:bronze: Jail Break

Arrived at the Burrow


:bronze: Gnome Match for Me

Beat Fred's high score at Gnome Throwing


:bronze: History Lives - Again

Collect your first Wizard Card


:bronze: Ribbet

Eat a chocolate frog


:silver: Sharp Eye, Sharper Mind

Completed every single environmental puzzle in Hogwarts


:bronze: Studious Success

Complete a Spell Challenge


:silver: Indomitable

Complete a Spell Challenge without being hurt


:gold: Distinction

Get a distinction in all Spell Challenges


:silver: You're a Wizard

Complete all Spell Challenges


:gold: The Chosen One

Complete all Spell Challenges without getting hurt or fainting


:bronze: Collector

Find 50% of all Wizard Cards


:silver: Full Deck

Collect all 101 Wizard Cards


:bronze: Character Development

Increase Harry's maximum health (10 Wizard Cards)


:gold: Unlimited Power

Learn all spells


:bronze: Detective

Discover a secret area


:hidden::bronze: Fire Power

Learn Incendio


:hidden::bronze: Defender

Learn Expelliarmus


:hidden::bronze: Hidden Secrets

Learn Lumos


:hidden::bronze: Sharp

Learn Diffendo


:hidden::bronze: Lock and Key

Learn Alohomora


:hidden::bronze: Cleanup on Aisle 4

Learn Skurge


:hidden::bronze: Bird Whisperer

Learn Avifors


:hidden::gold: Snake Charmer

Defeat Tom Riddle's Basilisk


:bronze: Every Nook & Cranny

Explore the depths of Hogwarts


:hidden::silver: Heroic

Saved Ginny Weasley


:silver: The Four 2.0

Find the Wizard Cards of Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff,

Salazar Slytherin and Rowena Ravenclaw


:bronze: Fetch Quest

Found all of Ginny's belongings in Diagon Alley


:bronze: Egotistical

Have Harry Potter's Wizard Card


:gold: A Very Old Tree

Survived the Whomping Willow


:bronze: Valued Customer

Bought everything in Fred and George's shop


:bronze: Slimy Slytherins

Get caught by Prefects 4 times while disguised as Goyle


:silver: Duelist

Defeat Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle in duels


:gold: Not Finished Yet

100% achieved


:silver: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Complete the Folio Bruti


:hidden::silver: Arachnophobe

Defeated Aragog


:bronze: Gnome Thrower Supreme

Complete all Gnome Throwing challenges


:bronze: Nimbus 2001... What a Joke

Complete Broom Racing challenges


:bronze: Sharp Edges

Cut all tapestries with Diffendo


:bronze: Hotter than the Sun

Light all braziers with Incendio


:bronze: Ghostbuster

Clean all ectoplasm with Skurge


:bronze: Avian 

Transfigured all stone eggs with Avifors

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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


:platinum: Master of Time


:hidden::bronze: Icey Touch

Survive the Dementor attack on the Hogwarts Express


:bronze: Right Back at You

Learn Expelliarmus


:hidden::bronze: Tarzan

Learn Carpe Retractum


:hidden::bronze: Dragon Fire

Learn Draconifors


:hidden::bronze: Shining Light

Learn Lumos Duo


:hidden::silver: Happy Memories

Learn Expecto Patronum


:hidden::silver: Freezing 

Learn Glacius


:bronze: Everything Breaks

Learn Reparo


:bronze: Reading is for Nerds

Learn Snufflifors


:bronze: Returning Customer

Buy something from Fred and George


:bronze: The Trio

Play as Harry, Ron and Hermione


:bronze: Aha!

While playing as Ron, discover a secret entrance


:bronze: Air Hippogriff

Spent 10 minutes flying on Buckbeak


:hidden::silver: Care of Magical Creatures

Gain the trust of the hippogriff


:hidden::gold: Two Shall Live

Saved Buckbeak and Sirius from their fates


:hidden::silver: Expecto Patronum!

Conjured a corporeal Patronus for the first time


:gold: The Prisoner of Azkaban

Completed the story


:bronze: I Solemnly Swear That I am Up to No Good

Found the Marauder's Map


:bronze:Bertie Bott's Big Bean Bag

Maxed out your bean bag


:bronze: Treasure Hunter

Open 50% of chests in Hogwarts


:silver: Treasure Collector

Open 100% of chests in Hogwarts


:bronze: History Lives Once Again

Found a Wizard Card


:silver: Wizard Card Enthusiast

Found 50% of Wizard Cards


:gold: Full Deck

Found all Wizard Cards


:bronze: Stuck Up

Have Harry Potter's Wizard Card


:bronze: Is That a Bee?

Get stung by a Billywig


:bronze: Peskipixie Pesternomi

Survive a pixie attack


:bronze: Crabby

Obtain the carapace of a chizpurfle


:silver: Studious Student

Completed a challenge shield


:gold: The Brightest Witch

Completed all challenge shields


:silver: Dangerous Beasts

Completed the Folio Bruti


:hidden::silver: Ice Cold Determination

Worked together to complete the Glacius Spell Challenge


:gold: Potions Master

Obtained all the ingredients for the Girding Potion, Wiggenweld Potion and Antidote to Uncommon Poisons


:hidden::bronze: Ghoulish Tendencies

Saved Neville from the Ghoul


:bronze: Brave or Stupid?

Survive an assault from doxies, and steal their eggs


:hidden::silver: Sticky Tenacity

Work together to complete the Carpe Retractum Spell Challenge


:bronze: It Stings

Found the Folio Bruti pages for the billywig, venomous tentacula, pixie and doxie


:bronze: Bloody Horror

Found the Folio Bruti pages for the red cap, hinkypunk and ghoul


:bronze: Fate Worse than Death

Found the Folio Bruti page for the dementor


:bronze: Attitude Problem

Find the Folio Bruti pages for the chizpurfle and fire salamander


:bronze: Docile 

Find the Folio Bruti pages for the fairy, flying seahorse and dragonfly


:bronze: Proud

Find the Folio Bruti page for the hipogriff


:bronze: Problematic

Find the Folio Bruti pages for the fire seed bush and the troll


:gold: Restless

Obtain 100% completion





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Mortal Kombat Deception


:platinum: Born From Deception


:bronze: Fatality Lives

Perform a Fatality


:bronze: Death Comes to All

Perform a Fatality with all characters


:bronze: Warrior

Complete the Arcade Ladder


:bronze: Champion

Complete the Arcade Ladder on Medium


:bronze: Heads Will Roll

Chop off 100 heads by performing Fatalities


:bronze: Giblets

Perform Fatalities that cause your opponent

to explode 100 times


:bronze: Self-harm

Smack your opponent with their own limb


:bronze: Gore Whore

Spill 100,000 buckets of blood


:bronze: Welcome to the Arena

Unlock a Kombatant


:bronze: Journey of a Thousand Miles

Complete Konquest Mode


:bronze: Thunder God Awakens

Complete the Arcade Ladder as Raiden by killing

Onaga with the Superman move


:bronze: All Out Chaos

Complete the Arcade Ladder with all Kombatants


:bronze: Mr. Steal Yo Kill

Perform a Hara-Kiri


:bronze: Abominable Violence

Spill 250,000 buckets of blood


:bronze: Old Wounds Never Heal

As Scorpion or Sub-Zero, fight the other


:bronze: Servant vs Master

As Scorpion, fight Quan Chi


:bronze: Fatality

Unlock all Fatalities


:bronze: Torn Asunder

Complete the Arcade Ladder as Scorpion


:bronze: The Last Line of Defense

Complete the Arcade Ladder as Raiden


:bronze: Earthrealm's Defender

Complete the Arcade Ladder as Sub-Zero


:bronze: Sorcerer of Deceit

Complete the Arcade Ladder as Shang Tsung


:bronze: Ambition 

Complete the Arcade Ladder as Quan Chi


:bronze: Redemption

Complete the Arcade Ladder as Shujinko


:bronze: We Are Many

Complete the Arcade Ladder as Ermac


:bronze: The Original Warrior

Complete the Arcade Ladder as Liu Kang


:bronze: Outworld's True Emperor

Complete the Arcade Ladder as Shao Kahn


:silver: Krypt Explorer

Unlock 50% of the Krypt


:silver: Well Rounded Fighter

Complete the Arcade Ladder using every Style

for every character at least once


:silver: Flawless Champion

Get a Flawless Victory against Onaga in both rounds


:silver: Not Today

Kill Onaga


:silver: Full Roster

Unlock every Kombatant


:silver: Buckets of Blood

Perform every Fatality for every character


:silver: Death By Honor

Perform every Hara-Kiri for every character


:silver: Lookin' Good

Unlock all costumes


:silver: Deadly Alliance

As Shang Tsung or Quan Chi, fight the other in the Arcade Ladder


:silver: Violence With Extreme Prejudice

Spill over 1,000,000 buckets of blood


:gold: Defender of the Realm

Complete the Arcade Ladder on Hard


:gold: Even Gods Can Die

Kill Onaga without taking any damage (any difficulty)


:gold: Kryptographer

Unlock 100% of the Krypt


:gold: Mightiest of Warriors

Complete the Arcade Ladder without losing

a single round and without continuing on the hardest difficulty

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