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Biggest Video Game Fumble of 2018


Biggest Video Game Fumble 2018  

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  1. 1. What is the worst video game fumble of 2018?

    • Metal Gear Survive is released
    • A Shaq Fu sequel is released
    • Battlefield V goes SJW, EA tells core audience if they don't like it don't buy it. Sales drop 63%
    • Fallout 76: too many reasons to fit here
    • Blizzard announces the new Diablo. For cellphones. What, don't you have a cellphone?
    • Souljahboy jumps from music to console sales. Is promptly hunted down by Nintendo lawyers for piracy
    • EA is told microtransactions = gambling by Belgium, responds "Yeah, so?"

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So, in my opinion, 2018 will live in infamy as the year of fumbles for the video game industry. So many happened it really makes one wonder what can we expect in 2019. Which one do you think stands out above the rest?


I would love to see your reasoning as well!?

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I had to go with EA and the loot box situation. To clarify, the issue is loot boxes = gambling, not microtransactions = gambling. While all the other options affect one game or one guy getting sued by a company, EA's nonchalance towards growing concerns about the impact of lot boxes on communities is courting governmental regulation against the entire industry.

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Fallout 76, whoboy.  Everytime people were getting over it, something else popped up.  It wasn't a traditional Fallout game.  Oh well.  What, it deletes the entire folder to uninstall?  And this isn't even the bag I paid for!  I'm going to submit a support ticket!  And now everyone has my info.  


Blizzard announcing a phone app in front of a mostly PC crowd was pretty bad too.

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Honestly I would say everything but Shaq Fu. I mean yeah Shaq Fu was a game nobody asked for but by comparison to everything else listed I can only give it a shrug.


But if I really had to pick one thing it would be Fallout 76 with all the issues that seem to have just snowballed in just a couple of months. It's like Todd disturbed an Indian Burial Ground at some point in-between development and accidentally unleashed a horrible curse on Bethesda. EA is EA and so whatever it is they do is expected at this point. I don't really care about Souljaboy and am surprised he's even still a thing really. Probably the only runner up is Activision/Blizzard's failure at understanding their audience but I'm willing to say they have a chance maybe but I'm not holding my breath. Bethesda on the other hand have pretty much put me off from getting another one of their games that's from their main studio because it seems to be that the games made by the studios they own are a lot better since Rage 2 and Doom: Eternal look good along with the other stuff they have released.


What bothers me the most about Bethesda's ordeal is that engine they are using for Fallout 76 is a piece of crap that's barely held together with tape and popsicle sticks and unless they overhaul it or just outright make a new engine that actually works I'm not touching Starfield or Elder Scrolls VI.

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Metal Gear Survive is my pick for worst fumble.  To hell with that constant online connection requirement.  And should it really have been labeled as a MG game?  Parallel dimensions & zombies... keep that stuff outta there please.


Close 2nd is another Shaq Fu game.  Why bother?

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2 hours ago, Ilzaki said:

Blizzard announcing a phone app in front of a mostly PC crowd was pretty bad too.


Well? Don't you have a phone bud? This ain't a out-of-season April Fools' joke.


Other fumble would be Bloodstained being delayed again and getting the Vita version axed after basically seeing NOTHING about it for years, and FFXV content getting axed for good together with Tabata resigning from Squeenix out of nowhere.


ps: Shaq Fu doesn't belong to this thread, seriously. I'm quite surprised that it was released, actually. Like Toki Remake for Switch except they pretended it was a new game and that they hired the original lead artists in 2018 when the game looked exactly the same as 7 years before JESUS CHRIST IT WAS GREENLIT ON STEAM IN 2013.


ps2: oh and don't forget the whole Download Queue debacle on PlayStation Store, which i personally reported countless times.

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2 hours ago, SelectiveGamer said:

I can't believe I actually have to post here and ask... but... what does 'SJW' mean?


I put it into Google and 'Social Justice Warrior' came up. But that's not it... right? 1f628.png

No that's right. It's a mostly offensive term for certain liberal ideas. I think Urban Dictionary might have some definitions for it, as well as Wikipedia. 

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I don't think anything this game that's game related has been a bigger train wreck than the entirety of Fallout 76 as a game.


Even before launch it was already getting a bad rep and to this day it still is.


Just to name some examples:


Todd lying to everyone about the game at E3

The beta which was already a pre-order exclusive having a limited time schedule

The beta having a bug that deletes itself

People unable to uninstall the beta unless they bought the game

The physical version being just a cardboard disk with a patch that's around 48GB

Having the most broken game launch being much worse than Mass Effect Andromeda and No Man's Sky combined

Game messing with the established lore of the series aside just being an online only title


Being the worst reviewed AAA game of the year

The game getting a significant discount a week after release

Game getting another 50GB-ish patch that does jackshit

The whole canvas bag fraud in the Power Armor edition (which that example alone takes on to even more examples)

Customers who requested a replacement of their own canvas bag getting leaked of personal information

Obsidian announcing their new FPS RPG The Outer Worlds around the same time Fallout 76 got much worse, especially when noting that this is a new game from the original creator of Fallout and the developers of Fallout New Vegas.


Yeah, Fallout 76 easily takes the cake on this. I don't think I've ever seen a game launch be this bad and ongoing before, and it was already bad with games like Mass Effect Andromeda and No Man's Sky. It might be the worst game launch of this generation, imo that I've seen at least.



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I choose MGS! when you steal the idea of the previous game and try to mix MGS universe with the walking dead is basically the result they expected. an authentic failure, if the idea was to achieve / trolling kojima , they have succeeded. is the only victory they can celebrate. xD 

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