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Hey everyone! Arcesus7 here.


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Well hello everyone!


After just lurking around for a couple of months but getting so much out of this forum and community, I decided that it would be time to also start actively participating in discussions :) So here I am!


So, my profile is from Finland.. But that's only because I created my online account while I was living there during my PhD. I am originally from Spain, and currently live in Switzerland. So yeah, I'm one of those people that hopes that PSN country change will become possible in the future ?


I have always been kind of a completionist, already when I started playing games quite late in my teens (FF7 was the first game I really devoured). The addition of trophies to games hence naturally appealed to me, and now I try to complete every game I start. That being said, I don't have an alt. account, so I'm sure that at some point I'll fire up a game I won't be able to finish (I have already downloaded Crypt of the Necrodancer, so that one might just be it... ?) I think completing what I start appeals to the mathematician in me. 

My collection of games is rather small compared to what I have otherwise seen in this community. To be honest, I simply don't have that much time to play, so I'll usually need quite some time to complete a game. But it's still a passion that I have, and I'm quite proud of my small collection ? 


Usually you will see 3 open games on my account. That is because I divide games into three categories and fire up one or the other depending on circumstances: 

  • Single-Player Games for longer sessions (Currently Red Dead Redemption 2)
  • (Challenging) Single-Player Games for short sessions (Currently OlliOlli2, although I'll be done with this one tonight)
  • Couch-Coop Games which I play with my girlfriend (Currently Lara Croft and the Tomb of Osiris)


Well, so much for my introduction.. Hope to have a great time on here! 


Take care! 

Arcesius (Arcesus7) 




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18 hours ago, xZoneHunter said:

Welcome to PSNP! Seems like you've already done some impressive platinums.


What are some of your favourite games?






This has changed with time.. A few years ago I would probably have mentioned some of the Final Fantasy games, say FFVII and FFIX. With the arrival of the PS4, though, my preferences shifted towards more action-packed games. 

My favourite game at this point is Bloodborne, probably because it was my first game in the franchise. Then I would have to mention Nioh. The first playthrough was already amazing, but going for 100% really showed what the game has to offer, and I enjoyed every second of it. 

And then there are all the amazing indie games.. For me, Furi came out of nowhere and it instantly became one of my favourite games of last year. I could also mention Hyper Light Drifter and Super Meat Boy.. Can't wait for Super Meat Boy Forever! :)

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58 minutes ago, Spaz said:

Maybe you can give me some tips on Super Meat Boy.


Not sure about OlliOlli2.


I don't think tips on OlliOlli2 are needed.. It's a surprisingly easy game, though some of the pro-achievements might take some tries to get, and there are 2 or 3 hard levels in RAD mode. But it has a nice difficulty progression and should be very doable. 


As for SMB.. I have been following the discussions in the SMB forum and I think I might add some of my thoughts to it, at least to some of the levels in Dark Cotton Alley, maybe it'll help :) Girl boy should be fairly easy to do, especially since you got Zombie Boy. 

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1 hour ago, Spaz said:

OlliOlli2 is an easy game with a sub 1 percent platinum?


Yeah that's why I added "surprisingly". The trophy guide here rates it a 7/10, that's probably fair, I would lower the score to maybe 6/10 (for me Furi is 7/10 and that's more difficult in my opinion, though also much more enjoyable). 


Let me clarify, it's not necessarily an easy platinum, but it's easier than I was expecting going in after seeing that it is a sub 1% plat. 

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I definitely recommend Downwell, Velocity 2X and Rogue Legacy. 


I don’t know if these are your type of games but seeing that you completed Guacamelee 2 and Super Meat Boy, these can definitely be up your alley. 


The Velocity 2X DLC, namely the Dual Core DLC, is extremely difficult on the PS4. Playing this on the Vita makes it a lot easier but if you only have a PS4, best of luck. 


Soundtrack is great and puts you in the mood. All three games I mentioned have pretty good music. 


I have the original OlliOlli and I plan to do that first before OlliOlli2. But I think I’d better do Super Meat Boy eventually.

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Hey, Hi!. Nice seeing a new active face around here. Keep it up! You will be loved! or hated. Just keep on actively participating in discussion and you'll fit right in eventually!?

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