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Can anyone help me with advice regarding Angels and Demons

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I think I've locked myself out of being able to complete this trophy but I would love some advice from anyone who has done it.


My main is Fane. I have been going Lone Wolf with Ifan ben-Mezd, and although they aren't in my immediate party, I still have Loshe and the Red Prince alive and on the boat (i.e I can recruit them back into my team)


I have a saved game most of the way through Arx, just before I get the invitation to see the Doctor. The problem is, that even though Loshe isn't in my immediate team, the doctor has specified to bring her along. And although I can get to the doctor via his dungeon, he won't speak to me since I don't have her in my team.


And I know from posts that you are unable to make a pact with the doctor if you speak to him while Loshe is a companion.


Therefore I am unable to make a pact with the doctor and therefore cannot fulfil the request.


I have tried killing off Loshe before speaking to the doctor but it doesn't seem to make a difference. (I guess since she is still available as a rez)


Is there any other way that I can do this without having to play through the whole game again? As much as I have enjoyed the game, I don't think I can stomach another 40 hours for the sake of one trophy.


Many thanks all.




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I'm currently trying to do a single playthrough for the plat too and I did as much research as possible on this trophy. Apparently there are only 2 ways to get it:

A. Have Lohse as your Main

B. Don't have Lohse in your party at all, meaning you never recruit her in Fort Joy


I think your only option is to have Lohse permanently leave your party by lowering her attitude, but since you're pretty much at the end of the game that might not be possible anymore. To me it seems that you're screwed, sorry.


On a side note, which builds are you running on your lone wolves?

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Thanks for the confirmation.


In terms of my lone wolf summons, Fane is my main and he is mostly Necromancer with also some Aerotheurge. His ability to take an immediate second turn, as well as Skin Graft & Apotheosis sets up for some huge turn one combos, especially when used with Flesh Sacrifice (by using face ripper to be transformed as an elf) and adrenaline. You also want the elemental affinity talent since opening with Flesh Sacrifice will immediately create a blood pool, meaning you can fit a lot into that turn. It means you have 2 turns casting your most powerful spells, which are likely Blood Storm and Grasp of the Starved.


And Ifan is a Ranger + support summoner.


To be honest though, despite that it is still hard going on Honor mode, with a lot of cheesing required to beat some of the fights (abusing things like Living on the Edge or fleeing with a single character to reset their cooldowns). The 'Cat Person' and 'Doctor Heal Thyself' trophies were particularly challenging.


On reflection the second half of the game would probably have been easier as a group of 4, although I really would miss those 2 action points.


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