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Completion Percentages Inaccurate or not Updating?

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I'm just curious personally if this is a site issue and if anyone else noticed this, but I realized my completion percentage has remained the same over the last few days even after 100% completing the free PS Plus game Soma along with earning a few other trophies. And for the hell of it, I went ahead and did the math myself and the static numbers still seem off from what they should be.

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I checked, and it looks like your completion percentage is correct.  I'll walk through how I calculated it.


The formula is (points earned)/(total points), excluding platinums.  "F" Rank games that you haven't earned any trophies in also must be excluded.


So for the (points earned) number: it's just the number on your stats page minus your points from platinums.  In your case, it's currently 59805-3600=56205.


To get your (total points), look in your trophy advisor for the trophies you haven't gotten yet.  Be sure to click the "Show DLC" button and then sort by Gold, Silver, Bronze.  It will tell you how many of each you have unearned.  Multiply by the correct number of points (90,30,15) for each trophy.  Add these together and onto the first number.  In your case, it's currently (162*90)+(407*30)+(1024*15)+56205=98355.  But, then we also have to subtract any F Rank games where you haven't gotten any trophies.  They're in your trophy advisor, but don't lower your completion percentage.  In your case, that's just one and it's worth 1035 points (1215 minus the platinum).  So, we're left with 98355-1035=97320.


So, your completion percentage should be: 56205/97320 or 57.75%, which is what it shows on your profile.

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