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Are there any plans to further integrate PSNP's Discord server with the website's forums and gaming sessions?


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Would be interesting to see if there was some sort of feed where newest threads would show up and newly created gaming sessions would too. I wonder if there is anything planned for the server in the long run, since there is already a specific bot in there, which i assume it was custom made for it.

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I followed the link @TheYuriG posted.  It asked me to authorize connecting PSNP to Discord, but the four-digit number after my username isn't a match.  It might be because I tried Discord once upon a time and deactivated that account.  Is there any way to correct this?



Ugh, dammit.  So, the original issue was that I had an unclaimed Discord tag number from accessing the site through my PC.  I didn't claim that number and instead disabled the account.  I reloaded the link above, and it shows my correct tag number.  I joined the Discord server, but my premium account didn't get recognized.  Can a mod do it on their end?



It ain't working yet, so sayeth the PSNP sages.  Amen.

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