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Hi everyone! My name's Keith but online...I go by Keefie_G...no, no, no not Keefie_G but Keefie G without the dots... 8DDD ? I'm 22 years old and I've been playing video games since I was a boy (I mean, I'm still a boy...err...man...err...look, I have a beard now...okay? OKAY!!!) but I played for the other team. Yes, I used to be a Microsoft fan boy, they could do no wrong in my eyes but ever since the Xbox one came out Microsoft has just been going more and more downhill that I just got fed up with it...that, and the exclusive were complete garbage. On Black Friday of 2017 I joined the darkside and honestly, I'm glad I did. PlayStation has so many more exclusives, not that I play all of them because I lowkey have ADD...well, high key since I'm telling you this...why am I telling you this.....forget I said anything...




 I've been watching this site for a while now and I recently decided to join because the atmosphere seems pretty cool and  since all of my friends are on Xbox I don't really have people to party up with or play games with when I'm in the mood to but I'm hoping that can change. Feel free to add me, I'm nice!  (sometimes) 8DDDD


PSN - Keefie_G

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