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Been surfing the forum for any threads related to comicbook/manga collectors on here to find there isn't one, so I thought I should start one myself! 😜


Like the title suggests, I would love to see everyone's collection and what you all are picking up! 


This is my collection so far! Note that I've been collecting for roughly the past 3 years now! :D 

As you can easily tell, I'm more of a DC comics collector although I do plan on buying some spidey comics in the future!








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I don't have a way of showing a picture but I have a lot of the Dark Horse Star Wars comics. I have the full set of Clone Wars, Empire, some of the Legacy comics and some of the Knights of the Old Republic ones. I also have Shadows of the Empire, Jedi vs. Sith, Darth Maul, The Force Unleashed, Thrawn Trilogy, Dark Empire trilogy, the first two Crimson Empire stories, and the Infinities alternate stories.


The only DC comic I have is The Man Who Laughs that came with the Blu-Ray to The Killing Joke. And lastly I have the Resistance: Fall of Man comic issues. I wish I had gotten the rest of the Knights of the Old Republic stories and Legacy while I could have.


I should probably get the Berserk manga some time though, along with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.


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