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Master of tasks trophy


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i keep struggling on getting this trophy, i cant even make mission 8 on most of the characters. by this trophy i proved myself that im shit on fighting games, does anyone know any tip that could help me a lot on getting that trophy?
thanks in advance.

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It's not impossible! Just takes practice and YouTube videos are very helpful.

I managed to do Morrigan 10, after 2 weeks and a few other no. 10s.

Sadly I don't have the dlc, soI'll be practicing for a few months probably before I get 100%...



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48 minutes ago, EdgeHosenka said:

The 7 first trial is very easy, the harder is 8 and 10, and the easiest charactere is ryu and hulk

I agree, I think capcom characters has easier challenges in my opinion, frank is easy as well

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I know it's been a year but I managed to get most Mission 10s out of the way.

It just takes practice and patience… and I used to suck at combos! Will get the plat later.


Thanks to @Lord_of_Ra and @Rebourne07 for your tips in the forums!


Shoutouts to the following YouTubers for their videos:






Also other websites have plenty of tips.

Good Luck!



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