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Maximum time required to platinum


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1000 matches as jason, 20 minutes each + 1000 matches as not-jason, 20 minutes each = 666,6 hours.

That's not counting any loading times and assuming every match would last exactly the 20 minutes total they can last, also that you would naturally earn every other trophy in the process, as getting the end round kills at the very last second of the game.

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Roughly 12 matches an hour (assuming two people taking turns as Jason) on Packanack Small meeting at the main house playing without headphones. 


So about 80 hrs probably on Jason's matches. To begin with.


Then you need another 313 matches for the 1313 kills trophy (25 additional hours). Or you can do what I did and get those 313 by playing normal games, which is more fun.


Either way though, over 100hrs for the Jason trophies alone.


It's totally not worth it and I wish I'd never bothered. 



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Unless you got a group of friends you can play with online or you feel you are committed enough to go for the platinum, it is otherwise not worth it.


666.6 hours is basically as long if not longer than Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope International. Only good thing about Friday the 13th is there aren't any missables, but you're going to be spending a lot of time going for that platinum, based on what I've heard from people who have completed the game.

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I love this game and still continue to play. I boosted Jason matches in private and it was still a major grind. I got so tired of watching that campfire intro over and over again. Me and my partner in crime timed each match from beginning to end with both us giving away our location and it average about 2 minutes per match from beginning to end. 


I also resorted to this nonsense once I broke 500 Jason matches hahahahaha...FMLiRuUZPD.jpg

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