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Fastest way to do online trophies?


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So I just got done with everything single player related and finally looking at the multiplayer of sides and whilst it seems easy on paper it also seems tedious and stupid, on top of the fact the multiplayer just downright isn't that enjoyable and isn't even optimised properly resulting in slideshow frames in any town.


So my question is this, what's the approx. time to complete multiplayer and is there anything you have to actually go out your way to earn? I don't really know how All's Fair works since I just started and don't see any opportunities to do anything relating to what it says and I have nobody added due to friends being on separate platforms so I can't really y'know, boost it. I honestly feel like just leaving it at singleplayer due to how lackluster the experience has been thus far but if anyone knows of easy ways to just power through these please let me know. Thanks!


obligatory apology for bad wording, first post

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there is no easy way out. You should invest a lot of time in it. Especially if you missed all money giveaway they did on previous weeks. My best bet to keep at least some enjoyment of this shitshow online mode is to play competitive multiplayer. Also, you can farm some in freerome but after 5-6 hours you'll be dead inside.

Personally i'm level 32 and all i need is level 50 trophy. But i decided to wait, maybe they add something besides microtransanctions in it.

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17 minutes ago, Phantochi said:

If you wait a few months, the servers will probably be full of hackers to save you from the grind, so let it sit on the shelf for a while, because right now there's no fast way to get this shitty multiplayer done. 


But then Rockstar will figure out ways to break their own multiplayer servers in an effort to save it from hackers (see: "Run Like The WInd" from GTA V PS3, Red Dead Redemption PS3 "dude on the ground" hacked lobbies being everywhere and Rockstar not stopping them). 

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