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Major hit detection / slowness /frame rate drops make this version harder to do


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I platted the PS4 version and for a cheap trophy whore game, it was surprisingly decent and seemed to run well on PS4. Not so on Vita....there's a slowness to it and sometimes it will record a jump input twice. Not very well optimized for Vita, but I suppose no one cares to make any game work well on Vita (Sly Cooper, PS All Stars Vita, KZ Mercenary, Toukiden, etc seem to be exceptions). 

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yeah i noticed right off the bat. then for some reason i got use to it. i could tell how laggy it was when i started it, and i also thought the same thing that sometimes it didn't record a second jump, or some kinda input delay.


i actually kinda liked the game, i was into it for the same reason as other 2D platformers, you mess up and keep trying sort of thing. i got the plats. a few days ago because i wanted an edge to get to 200 plats. i'm getting impatient, once i reach 200 i can chill out again lol. at 198 right now.

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It looks like they took the Super Meat Boy character, turned him white, and put in a bunch of extremely easy levels reflective of the very high trophy percentages.


I honestly don't know how they can mess up the Vita version. A game like 36 Fragments of Midnight should be more than capable of running on the Vita.

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