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Hello everyone. LihapullaPoju here


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I am kinda new here, i used to play on a different account from december 2011 all the way to march 2017, when i decided to start from scratch on this account, willingly giving up all of my trophies(old one had 2000 ish trophies).

My main genres are platformers and racing games, favorite thing being doing the 4 hours of tsukuba(A-spec) in mazda mx5s on gran turismo 5.

I love ratchet and clank and sly cooper

I enjoy looking through peoples trophy collections here.


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14 hours ago, xZoneHunter said:

Welcome to PSNP! 

Thank you!?

15 hours ago, ERGOPROXY-DECAY said:

Welcome dood! Looks like your new account almost caught up to old. Hope it doesnt need another replacement. :P

Thanks! I have enjoyed the catching up process, also have achieved much more plats. Apologies for not so good english

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