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Added collectibles


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I know this thread is old, but in the off chance it helps someone:


1) Dawnvessel - Underwater, there are a series of tunnels which contain the 3 new relic fragments. Pretty easy to find if you check the walls, since one of the fragments is visible in the entry.


2) Sunchamber - Around the hand of the giant statue holding a "sun," there are a bunch of light strings. Cut them, and the 3 new relic fragments will be revealed there.

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Here are the videos for the 2 added relics:


Dawnvessel (unlocks Glass Piano ariframe):


Sunchamber (unlocks Hopper airframe):


There is no extra relic in Duskprism. If you have 3/4 after finishing this region, the game glitched for you (or you missed one of the 2 non-story relics).

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