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List of Coin Miracles


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Hey all, 


For anyone looking for that elusive use all coin miracles, look no further.  Below is a total list of all coin miracles.  You do not need to use every level for each one, just use once while on the field.  I want to give a tremendous shout out to Syph33r for help on the two hidden miracles, as without them I would not know all of this information.


Now here is the list, broken down by their categories:


Gold: Making Money, Money Acquired

Power up: Giant, Critical, Damage Up, Added Element, Element Resistance

Heal: Heal, Freeze Heal, Poison Heal

Attack: Money Bomb, Crashing Meteor (not sure on this name, but you get the idea)

Random: Stealth, Freeze, Stag Beetle, Washbasin, Title, Shrink, Poison, Time Extension


Weaken- Go to the Dragadon CEO fight (6-5), be prepared to use a coin miracle for this one.  If you don't get weaken after you use a coin miracle, just die and reset

Revive- Open the coin miracle right as you die, enter a large amount of money, there should be only one option.


Again, huge huge HUGE thanks to Syph33r for the help, and I hope this will help anyone else looking to work on this game

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You and @Syph33r are legends, I would never have thought about the revive miracle, it's also good to know that I am only missing one of the random ones so I don't have to go crazy getting the same skills over and over without knowing just how many I have left to go.
Also great to know that you don't need all levels I was making a list of each skill and it's level I had already used.

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Just can't seem to get any of the following buffs, "Added Element or Element Resistance" It's always Giant.
The joys of RNG, I get the feeling some bosses can cause certain ones to show up but I could be wrong.


Edit: Finally got both, paid 30,999 on level 6-5 while not in a battle on the fourth section and got Element Resistance

Paid 11,111 while doing the boss battle on level 6-5 to get Added Element, it shown up when the boss had around half it's health

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Phew, finally got this damn trophy! Thanks a ton for the list, definitely wouldn't have figured out Weaken without your help! Even knowing how to get it, that one alone took me a few hours of grinding because it just didn't want to appear for whatever reason.


If it helps someone, I got it to appear at the very beginning of the Dragoloan CEO fight (6-5), like mentioned. When he started his dialogue, I opened up the calculator (or maybe already had it open) and entered a pretty small amount, like 5 or 555. It was the top option of the three (and unlike Revive, there were two other options), the red lightning bolt thing. I think part of my problem was I kept thinking it'd appear under the "?" category.

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Adding to this because I've been trying to get "Weaken" for hours and couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong until I finally found the answer in a japanese guide. So in case anyone else struggles with it in the future, here's how to do it.


In order to get Weaken to activate you actually need to use the calculator during the *story dialogue* right before the boss battle at the end of the level. Obviously, you need to have the "skip cutscenes" option OFF in order to do that... I had the option on and thought you had to use it at the beginning of the actual battle, that's why I couldn't get it.


As it was said before, Weaken appears from the "attack" category (red lightning bolt). I don't think the amount of money matters here; I used 500 and got Weaken lv.2. Also if you don't get an "attack" miracle in the 3 options, remember you can just cancel before picking a category and retry immediately (you lose the money though so I'd advice putting in low amounts).


Hopefully this helps. I know not many people play this game, but I personally really enjoyed it.

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