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It depends on what your tastes are. Do you like RPG, FBS, adventure, platform, fighting, racing..... etc.? In terms of short and not to difficult platinums, I can recommend a few but mostly play RPG, action,  novel and adventure style games so I don't know much about genres like racing or FPS. The platinum duration is also listed


RPGs (most of them are quite long, so there aren't many short ones but these are some of the ones I can think off)

Nier Automata (30 hours to plat)

Final Fantasy 15 (50 hours)

FF Type-0 (30 hours)

Odin Sphere (40 hours)

Atelier Sophie and Atelier Firis (both around 30 hours each)

Okami HD (60 hours)

Shining Resonance Refrain (50 hours)


Drama Adventure (all roughly 10 hours)

Life is Strange

Life is Strange before the storm

Heavy Rain

Beyond Two Souls

Until Dawn



Uncharted games (mostly less than 20 hours)

Spyro (15 or so hours)

Crash Bandicoot (heavily skill dependent, can be fairly challenging without practice)

Any of the Telltale games are super short and easy for platinum trophies

Any of the visual novels like Psycho pass and Steins Gate are dependent on reading speed but super easy. They are very niche though, I liked Psycho Pass but hated SG, while a lot of peple love SG so it really depends. They are also visual novels so it's a niche genre in itself. 



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