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Patch 1.16


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Found this on steampowered.com


Today we released a new patch for LEGO Worlds across Xbox One, PS4 and PC, with Switch due to roll-out sometime next week.

It is a general housekeeping patch with several bug fixes, as well as updating a backend Analytics system that we use to help us track player behaviour data, as well as performance data we use to help improve the games general stability and terrain generation.

In the interest of absolute transparency, it is worth highlighting that this Analytics system can be opted out of at any time from the Main Menu settings options, and that there is no way we can physically track who you are through this system. The system randomly assigns a very long number to each users save game, meaning that in no way can we ever link back to find out who you are through this data. So rest assured that this information is perfectly secure and also in-line with the upcoming GDPR changes rolling out within the EU soon!

On top of that, we have a host of bug fixes to share with you in our patch notes:

• General Stability Improvements (ALL FORMATS)
• Updated Analytics Tracking Software (ALL FORMATS)
• Fixed issue with “Designers Delight” Achievement/Trophy not unlocking without having Classic Space and Monsters DLC installed. (XB1/PS4/PC)
• Showcase Models associated Vehicles will now spawn on Custom Worlds (PC)
• Fixed Online Crash when re-joining an active online game (Switch/XB1)
• Fixed Online Crash when attempting to join Online Game for first time (PC/PS4)
• “Keep Worlds Edits: Disabled” now functioning as expected in all worlds (Switch)
• Fixed potential Landscape Tools Crash (XB1)
• Fixed timeout errors for Showcase Previews (XB1)
• Fixed rare General Gameplay Crash on PS4 PRO
• Fixed occurrences of Edits not being saved despite having free Save Space to do so (ALL FORMATS).

Just an FYI; there's news coming this week on something we're releasing, and there's also more to come in the next couple of months again (and the rest of the year looks packed out now too!)


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