Jailhouse Nok level keeps on crashing

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 So, i can't really progress rn, because i'm generally stuck at the first mini-section of the level. There's many of the activities that result in the console crashing there. Changing suit as Batman - crash. Destroying gold object - crash. Walking around - crash. Collecting studs - crash. Doing nothing - crash. This is the only level that has this kind of issues. Physical copy. Would be glad for any ideas about how to make past this level.


EDIT: Pausing level crashed the game instantly. Cleaning the disc also did nothing.


EDIT 2: Tried again, with turning all Red Bricks off. I was able to swap to Batman's Space suit with R2 and destroy golden object. Then i swapped to Cyborg to use his Magnetic abilities, but R2 did nothing. Swapped to Batman again - R2 stopped changing suits. Game crashed again.


EDIT 3: I've grabbed premium version of the game digitally and problems ceased to exist

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