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now there is a few people with the platinum can they help with these trophies

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For me it pretty much started working more or less properly since the hotfix. "Master Assassin " popped at 1300 or so total kills (did at least 200 before hotfix), " Last Survivor " at 16 wins (did at least 4 before hotfix), first grenade trophy seemed to require way over 10 but I might be mistaken since I did many grenade kills before the hotfix so it might have been my frustration as well, counted exactly 40 after the first one popped and it was precise. Haven't switched server once so been playing on EU all the time. "Fast and Furious" seemed to require way more than 10 but again did many before hotfix... I was so fed up with this PS4 version as I prefer it way more on PC and got 500+ hours there that i grinded last ~150 kills watching netflix and punching other afk players ?

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