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Before I buy. Online still up?


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Normally I'd just go by the last date the online trophy popped for someone, but this one is peculiar because it seems that no one has earned any trophy in the span of 2 years.  This tells me it's not the most popular game out there, so I feel that I need to ask if someone can confirm that the online is still available for this one before I drop that massive ten-spot on this.



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I attempted to start a multiplayer game and unfortunately get “session creation failed,” as well as failure to retrieve more data than the top page of online rankings. Do you have to play some of the single player mode, to “establish” yourself in the game, before the online mode will work? Last achievers are only 2 months ago. Wondering if this just takes a few attempts on different days. Games were also quitting in the middle with “Server/client quit the game, connection with psn has been terminated.”


Edit: the pop-ups are misleading. It’s still working. You just need Wi-Fi, as mobile hotspot (I often use) is insufficient.

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