How was your gaming year? (2018 edition)

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Better than 2017, but still very mediocre. My priorities are slipping away from games and trophies.


:bronze: from 1126 to 1476 (+350)

:silver: from 406 to 503 (+97)

:gold: from 108 to 153 (+45)

:platinum: from 23 to 29 (+6)



Best games played:


:bronze: The Bridge. Excellent puzzle game of a type I've never seen before - you have to rotate the screen and alter gravity to clear levels. Very relaxing too. 

:silver: Mighty No. 9. It's unpopular, but I had a lot of fun with it. Great platformer and a great challenge.

:gold: Spelunker HD. It takes a very long time to complete both the main game and DLC, but it's worth it. The DLC sections can get very challenging, but there isn't anything crazy and overall lots of fun.

:platinum: Tokyo Jungle. The most addictive game I have played this year, thus I must award it the platinum. It's an animal survival game, requiring the player to play intelligently in order to survive. 



No order for the worst games I've played... I played way too many horrible games this year. Any game I still have unplayed from 2018 and far from completion, you can assume I hated it. That said, I have some games from 2017 I still plan to come back to that are not terrible at all (Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Stealth Inc, Burnout Paradise). 


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2018 was my best year in gaming since maybe 2012... it's been a long time since I've continuously played games throughout the whole calender year 😶 I think this was mainly due to me purchasing a PS4 and a new TV during the Black Friday sales in late 2017. The step up in quality engrossed me and I had a plethora of great games to play throughout the year. I think I just needed a spark to get me back into the worlds of both gaming and trophy hunting.  I even managed to pick up and play some of my old PS3 games that have been collecting dust for years and finally finish them off.


I've enough games to keep me occupied throughout the whole next year between games I picked up recently on sale (the majority under €5) and a PlayStation Now subscription. I also have games picked up throughout the last year that have been sitting at 0% for quite some time... Horizon Zero Dawn & Shadow of the Colossus come to mind!


:bronze:: from 2247 to 3111 (+864)

:silver:: from 667 to 1140 (+473)

:gold:: from 197 to 468 (+271)

:platinum:: from 51 to 98 (+47)

PSN Level: from 20 to 27 (+7)

Trophies earned: 1665


Favourite :platinum:Final Fantasy XIII

Least favourite :platinum:Jack N' Jill DX

Favourite 100%: Need for Speed: Most Wanted




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I think overall it was a good year for me,

considering the fact that I have a 2 years old in my house I managed to finished a lot of games and I don't think I had a game I didn't enjoy this year.


:bronze:: 3,938 to 5,026 (+1088)

:silver:: 961 to 1363 (+402)

:gold:: 328 to 496 (+168)

:platinum:: 59 to 95 (+36)

PSN level: from 26 to 31 (+5)

Trophies earned: 1694


Favorite :platinum:: Tokyo Xandu ex+

Favorite 100%: Abzu (also the only 100% without platinum this year)


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First bought a PS4 this year, so I guess this is just my first year in review 😊


:bronze: 426

:silver: 130

:gold: 47

:platinum: 12


2018 was a fairly productive year with gaming. Was very busy with work and family so I take what I can get when it comes to gaming time 😁




Best Games

:bronze: - Titanfall 2

:silver: - Horizon Zero Dawn

:gold: - BioShock

:platinum: - Spider-Man


Honourable Mentions: Modern Warfare Remastered, Life is Strange, Life is Strange Before The Storm and RIME.


Dishonourable Mention:

:platinum: - Jak II

Its not so much that it's a bad game, I wouldn't know because I used debug mode to quick pop the platinum. Hence why it's a dishonorable mention, because I'm sure it's a great game that deserves a proper play through. At the time I only had one plat and I wanted a quick boost. Everything else I played last year, I enjoyed. But then again, I didn't play that many games 😂


Goals for this year: Aiming for 30 :platinum:

That will be an increase over this year's 12 so bring it on!! 


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It was good, but nothing crazy! Some general stats would be:

  • Platinum trophies: 11 => 21
  • Trophies in general: 1611 => 2124

I actually went back to a few older Ps3 titles I used to play but never got around to platinum. Motorstorm Apocalypse (My first Ps3 game), Dirt 3 (My rarest trophy to date) and Borderlands 1 (whose plat I also made my 2000th trophy!) to be precise. Also started quite a few things I didn't finish though haha.


Also stepped back from competitive games a bit and I had a great time :) Games like Rocket League or Shooters in general got me quite tilted in the past and taking a break from them felt really good. I recently started getting back into a few of them and I feel like a more "balanced person" regarding them if that makes any sense! I feel more like playing a game instead of valuing myself as a person with them lol.


My favourite games would probably be Monster Hunter World and RDR2, even tough I didn't platinum either of those. I plan on going back to MHW sometime in the future, but I'll probably not go for RDR2! It's still an awesome game and I loved playing through it.


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Not as good as 2017 for overall trophy count but best year for plats.


:platinum: Platinum trophies - From 39 to 47

:gold: Gold trophies - From 206 to 228

:silver: Silver trophies - From 802 to 886

:bronze: Bronze trophies - From 2746 to 3161

Total - 529


Best game - Red Dead Redemption II, pure masterpiece.

Honourable mentions AC Odyssey, Marvel's Spider-Man, Detroit Become Human and Dishonoured 2. All really fun games.

Worst game - Horizon Zero Dawn, boring shit.

Favourite plats - All of them. Special mentions Dishonoured 2 and Far Cry 3 because they were ones I never thought I'd get.


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2018 was a pretty good year for me in terms of getting platinums and working on my never ending backlog.


29 Platinum trophies earned across three systems with 2 level ups from Level 27 in Jan '18 to Dec '18

Total additional trophies earned 1,317


17 Plats on PS Vita 

8 Plats on PS4

4 Plats on PS3


Favourite PS Vita plat of 2018



Favourite PS4 plat of 2018

Killzone: Shadowfall 


Favourite PS3 plat of 2018

Medal of Honor (2010)


First Platinum of 2018 

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus on PS Vita 


Last Platinum of 2018 

Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms - PS Vita 



So i ended the year the same way i started it with a platinum on PS Vita which i am happy about i reached my personal goal of 100 Platinum trophies with Medal of Honor (yay) and have now just slowed down to focus on my JRPG collection on PS4. 2019 is going to be a year of going through them and finishing some remaining PS Vita games until i say goodbye to my beloved little handheld, as i fear soon they will start pulling the plugs on the last remaining MP servers on a few games. 


Anyway here is to a great 2019! 

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:bronze: 5,277 to 6,275 (+998)

:silver: 1,962 to 2,907 (+945)

:gold: 716    to 1,739 (+1,023)

:platinum: 118     to 242    (+124)


PSN level: 35   to 51  (+16; each marked with a :platinum:)


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