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Difficulty and Chapter Select question


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2 years later, but for those still wondering, the Story-based trophies you can earn via Stage select is 


Ending Anarchy is Endless

Dead Anarchy

Anarchy Reigns is an Oxymoron

Mad Anarchy

Chasing Anarchy

Elite Force of Anarchy


You're gonna have to power through the rest of them with skill yourself. Here is a good roadmap to follow (I did normal mode, then hard, so that works). https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/anarchy-reigns/185823-how-do-you-do-less-than-4-playthroughs.html


Keep in mind that when nearing the end of this roadmap, that one additional mission will open up in Chapter 4 for each side that can be completed in Stage Select.

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