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Dragon heart phylactory


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I'm very confused on how to acquire the dragon heart phylactory from Belevros for the ultimate weapon. 


I have killed him somwhere but don't remember where. I did a rerun of the Iron outpost trying to find him again following a guide on the internet but now I read somewhere else in a forum that he won't spawn again if you've killed him before.


I really hope someone can help me with advice! I just don't know what to do!


Many thanks!

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This trigger is still bugged. 5 runs through the dungeon and still I can't get the option to release Belevros. Its taken this game from s 9.5 to an 8 out if 10 for me. Extremely lazy not to have this fixed by now. 


Edit: ok, my fault (partly). So I was assuming the sarcophagus in question was the very obvious sarcophagus present after beating the boss. The one that lets you continually open it and then nothing happens (unlike every other lootable item in the game that doesn't let you open it twice). It really did appear bugged. However, the sarcophagus needed is actually one that appears rarely as RNG in the dungeon.


Happy hunting.

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