3XP events in june, 2XP every wednesday

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16 hours ago, Connorsonicblura said:

I used the IQA-11. Worked like a charm. I’m usually good with the specialist class though which is why it took me under 2 hours in Strike. 

I’m mad though because EA made it seem like coop mode was the only mode getting 3XP but it really does look like everything. I better play some Heroes vs. Villains!


Thanks, finally got it. I played one of those 20v20 modes and used the chaos to headshot people.


I was reading their forums last night and apparently there was some kind of bug that caused issues with the 3X exp in co-op, so they just opened it to everything.


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So you can get the Assault Vanguard and Heavy trophies in Co-op against AI??  I may need to come back to this game!



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