2019 Platinum Trophy Wish List

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My goals for PS4 plats this year? Plenty!


1. Kingdom Hearts III (When it releases!)

2. Star Wars Battlefront II (Really need to finish this off)

3. Soul Calibur VI

4. Blazblue Cross Tag Battle

5. Yakuza 0, Kiwami, Kiwami 2, and 6 (Well at least get one of these)

6. Ys VII

7. Steins Gate Elite

8. Valkyria Chronicles

9. The Witcher III

10. Shenmue I & II

11. Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters

12. Devil May Cry 1, 2, and 3

13. Megadimension Neptunia VII

14. Beyond Two Souls

15. Gravity Rush 2

16. Odin Sphere

17. Onechanbara Z2 Chaos

18. Akiba's Trip & Akiba's Beat

19. Code Realize Bouquet of Rainbows

20. Final Fantasy VII

21. Final Fantasy X

22. Nobunaga's Ambition: Taishi

23. Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII

24. Okami HD

25. White Day

26. Cities Skylines

27. Danganronpa 1-2 Reload

28. Grand Kingdom

29. Tales of Berseria

30. Steins Gate Elite (Not out yet)

31. Omega Quintet

32. Red Dead Redemption II (Maybe...)

33. Dissida Final Fantasy NT (If I'm lucky) 

34. Black Mirror

35. DreamFall Chapters 

36. Persona 4: Dancing All Night

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So far I only plan on getting the platinums for Far Cry 5, Far Cry Primal and Uncharted Lost Legacy, unless I get more games this year.


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I've seen this thread just haven't responded to it. I have 12 games listed and plan on working on for the backlog challenge I am in. I won't list them here. Instead I am going to list 10 other games I would love to plat this year.


1. Spider-Man: Already have started this and am really enjoying it so far.

2. God of War: Got this during the holiday sales and am really looking forward to it.

3. Detroit: Become Human, Have been a fan of David Cage games and really hope this is as good

4. Battlefield Hardline: Have this one a while and haven't started it yet.

5. Mirror's Edge Catalyst, Another one I have had a while but never started. 

6. Oceanhorn. Looks really cool and want to get to it this year

7. Agents of Mayhem: Love the Saints Row games and hope this is good

8. Star Wars The Force Unleashed 1 & 2: I have had these for a long time and hope to get to them this year

9. Spyro 2&3

10. At least the first Crash Bandicoot game



Honorable mention and possible Star Wars Battlefront, L.A. Noire (ps4), and RDR2


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I bought like 40 new games over Christmas so I've got a hell of a lot on my plate...


I guess for big ones, I'd go for 

Fallout 76 - Been enjoying this game but from what I've seen so far, it is going to take a *time* to get the platinum. Not that I'm complaining, because I've really been enjoying it so far. 

Fallout 3 and New Vegas - Not PS4 games, I know, but I've subscribed to PS Now and would like to have a full set of Fallout platinums on my profile. These will probably take a while, so I might space each playthrough out by a few weeks so as to not succumb to ennui.

Borderlands 2 VR - Fun game! But I don't like to play VR for too long, so this is probably going to take me at least half a year or so to get through... especially since I've put 200-300 hours into BL2 / TPS on flat screens and I can only play Borderlands for so long.

Skyrim VR - Same as the above, really. I've already platinumed regular Skyrim and I'm looking forward to getting to play through it again, but boy is this going to be a long one.
Megalith - Another VR title! This is a pretty fun (albeit currently content poor) 2v2 MOBA that I bought on a whim. Some of its trophies are going to probably take 100+ hours to achieve, but I'm looking forward to it, especially since the game's one mode and map are going to be fortified with new additions soon. It also has such a low player count that I'm getting my first ever first trophies on its leaderboard. Nice! But a bit sad. Hopefully its playerbase will pick up so this means something soon... 

Trackmania Turbo - I love this game. I love Trackmania as a series. But this game is so fucking hard. It's going to take me a while before I thin out my backlog enough that i'm able to focus on it exclusively.

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Do-Able for sure games that I want to plat are Darksouls 3 and Resident evil 2 remake.  Also gonna work on Darksouls 1 and 2 when I get time.


I for sure want to get Sekiro's plat but I have yet to see how the list is.


Deadcells is the plat I want the most right now but I feel like I would have to put 1000's of hours in just to get to a point where I could do it and still might not be able to.  


Currently I am working on the 3rd Crash bandicoot if I am able to do that one I will try doing the first 2 as well.  They just really test my patience.

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In December, I've finally reached 100 Platinums, so now I'm not really hungry for new ones, and I also started playing on Nintendo as well. But, at very least, I'd still like to have at least one platinum per month, and focus on my favorite series, so I'm hoping for:

  • Resident Evil 5
  • Resident Evil 6
  • Resident Evil 2


  • Dragon Quest Heroes II

Also, any game from my backlog, whatever is doable without much headache, such as:

  • Spyro 2
  • Spyro 3
  • Metal Max Xeno

These are just the most likely, however, plans always change, new games always derail me, and yeah, I need to focus more on... like... life... or whatever.


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Resi2 and DMC5. Won't need any other action game for a long time with that.


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1. Deus Ex Mankind Divided

This might be the most unlikely to be finished game on this list as there's currently a bug preventing me getting some online trophies. But i really liked the predecessor (Human Revolution) thx to its open world. In this game that means you have several options to go through one objective/room and Mankind Divided follows in that behave. I love this game already even though i haven't played that much of it yet. And you can make yourself invisible! In a Stealth-Action-Game. How great is that?! :D


2. Dirt Rally

A difficult racing game. The one i fear i am not good enough. I hardly reach top 3 in any racing event. But my god looks the world great. If i wouldn't race with high velocity through the woods/deserts/mountains i'd stop and stare at the landscape :D


3. The Last Of Us (PS4)

I played TLOU several times on ps3, got all trophies but i need it again. Need more trophies. So i am happy to get another chance after getting this as a gift for christmas :D:D ... Platinum Number 250 reserved for this milestone of videogames :D (currently at 224 :platinum:)


4. Ni No Kuni II

Bought this a year ago and never touched it :( this year i will. I hope it is as good as the 1st one was... or even better :P:D


5. Uncharted The Lost Legacy

The only one here i didn't buy or get yet but as soon as i see a good deal i'll get it :P ...


6. Dishonored (PS3)

Picked it up two days ago and remembered why i loved this. Same reason as Deus Ex. So many ways to go around either with or without killing and attacking enemies... Stealth-Action-Games are my favorite type :D ... this is becoming my :platinum: 225 (the very next one)


7. God of War (PS4)

Story completed already, did most of the optional stuff but it doesn't feel quite right for me. I got the GoW3 PS3 and PS4 Plats last year and this new game isn't a good follow up. It is a great nordic mythology inspired one so it's not bad but didn't reach my expectations...


8. Monster Hunter World

Another christmas present and something i played several hours already. It feels good to fight the many big monsters but to do this you have to grind from the beginning to the end for better equipment. And trophies. I'll probably be at this the entire year :D


9. Ghost Recon Wildlands

Another game with a huge question mark as i play the story mode with 3 friends. Slowly. Very slowy. Like 2 hours a week. We started nearly a year ago :( So will i do enjoy this and i know it's not hard it's time consuming.


10. Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy

As i like Heavy Rain very much i bought this game on a sale during the last year. Reading about some bugs took away some fun i expect but after seeing workarounds i will attempt this :)


At the end of the year there'll be many more probably like A Way Out, The Last Of Us Part II (pls pls pls), looking forward to Borderlands 3 too... Just Cause 3, Xcom 2...

For every game i complete i'll buy two more 😂😂😂


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I don't have specific Plats I want to get. I have two Platinum goals - earn 20 within the year to have a total of 50 and earn one Plat a month for the year. I have one so far with Dragon Sinker. I have quite a few games that I have already started and within striking distance of the Platinum and they will be contenders for both goals.


FF9 - Once I can get those jump rope ones, it is done. Just struggle making it out of the 70s but steady practice and some improvement.


FF10-2 - Just got back into this, making some progress, maybe I can eek out the Plat.


FF12 - Need to beat Omega on Trial 99 then finish off the 100th. From there, need to do all those specials for Mist Walker.


Neverwinter - Slay 1000 Dragons. Around a few hundred, so not difficult, just some time.


Then I have games I haven't started but am eyeing as part of my 20 Plats for the year. Have a couple of quick games in case I need a last minute simple Plat for the month. Might be overly ambitious but will see if it will help ease my backlog and if it brings a new level of enjoyment to Trophy Hunting.


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Horizon Zero Dawn - Borrowed this from my husband's cousin, so he might want it back in the near future. Not sure when I'll get to it though.


Uncharted 2 - Would be nice to plat this and finally move on. It's a great game, but I'm not really good at third person shooters


Tales of series (Zestiria, Innocence R, Vesperia, Xillia 2) - I love this series.


Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment and Hollow Realization - I've had HF on my vita for YEARS. It would be really nice to free up some space for my other games.


5 of my Kill Your Completion event games - I have so many unfinished games that I would like to get back to.


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Spyro Trilogy. Technically cheating with this one, as I already got the three platinums, but that was a goal I had at the start of the year and I did it!


Spider-Man. Working on this now and it seems pretty doable. It's been a great game so far. I hope to get the platinum in the next week or two, then move on to the DLC's.


God of War (2018). This was my favorite game last year, but got side tracked with other things so never got the platinum. I'm shooting to get it by the one year anniversary of the game coming out.


The next four are part of what I'm calling the one trophy platinum club. All of them I have a single trophy left to get the platinum, but just haven't gotten around to it.


Shadow of the Tomb Raider. I just need to beat the game on Deadly Obsession. This main difference between this and the step down is there are no check points and you have to go back to then last campfire that you saved at. I'm really only concerned about the combat sections which there aren't many of. But it'll be a pain but I really want to do it.


Battlefield 1. I just need to beat the game on hard. I've done a few of the missions on hard and it really hasn't been that bad. I just need to sit down and do it.


God of War HD (PS3). I have the speed run trophy left on this one. I started it, but got distracted. My main concern right now is it's been so long that I might not know the best route for certain things. I'm sure it'll be fine, but I just need to sit down and do it.


God of War II HD (PS3). I need to finish the trials. I think I had four left. They are a bit frustrating, but I feel like since I could do the first one I sure as hell can do this one.


The next one is a big ambitious goal that I want to do, but will require a hell of a lot of time. The Mass Effect trilogy. I originally played these on the 360 and have every achievement there, but I really want to do it again on the PS3. It just takes a long time. Especially the first game which requires three playthroughs where you do most of the content each time. But they are some of my favorite games and want an excuse to play through them again. And maybe, just maybe I'll give Andromeda another try.


I'm sure there are some others I want to shoot for, but this is what came to mind. By the end of the year I hope to be up to 60 platinums, but that is going to take a good amount of work.


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Dark Cloud

Day of the Tentacle Remastered

Grim Fandango Remastered

Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek


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Before i finish 2 super street Fighter 4, but is easy, this years i want : Super meat boy, Trackmania, Raiden 4, Q*bert, Kof XIII and all other street Fighter game


100% Completion

60 Platinium 

500 Ultra rare

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  1. Star Ocean: The Last Hope. It's going to happen this year. I know it!

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1) Idle Champions

2) Darkest Dungeon

3) Stardew Valley

4) God Eater Resurrection

5) FF-7

6) XCOM 2


These will probably keep me busy until 2020.



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