Is the solo campaign playable in coop? Pros and Cons

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Hi, I try to figure out, if it is possible to play the whole game with a buddy to unlock every trophy. I read here and there few threads, different guides, but since I do not played it by myself (own it, but never installed) I do not know it.

Please answer precisely about the following:

1 Is it possible to unlock every trophy in coop, i.e. is it possible to play the 'solo' campaign together?

2 If yes, how does the game saves the progress? E.g. in Far Cry 5, the game saves the story progress only for the host.

3 If 1 yes, what are the pros and cons, maybe it is possible, that you have in solo 3 bots, but if you play with a friend, you play without any bot

4 If 1 yes, is one another player enough or make it only sense with a specific number of buddies? (similiar to 3)


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As the host you can bring your party with you in superstar(solo) mode. Some objectives are solo objectives and some are coop objectives. So the the progress is different for each party member. So if a objective is to do 2 backflips on a bike and your friend completes it and you dont, only your friend will complete the objective. Coop objectives are shared. You will always have a full team, so if you play with a friend the rest of the team will be bots. 


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In some races it will be easy to play w a friend. He can concentrate in wining the race and you just focus on your challenges. 


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