Mutagen boosts and the Quent card Toad?

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When assigning mutagens to abilities obviously the abilities (of the same color) add to the boost, but does that boost only add to those same abilities, or does it apply to all equipped ability’s of same color? Another words, if I have a 40% boost in one group and a 20% in another group, is it 60% across the board or just a 40% increase in the first group and a 20% increase on that one ability in the second group?


Also in all the walkthru’s and Such have seen am supposed to be able to pick up the Toad card in the Oxenfurt(spelling?) inn off a table but it’s not there in my game. 


Gather its because am playing the complete complete edition and I now have to go into the dlc to get it? Can someone verify that’s the case, and if so, is it very far into the dlc? While am enjoying the game don’t think will want to jump right into the dlc’s when done. 


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Ah yes,... the sound of crickets,....


Well just in case anybody else wonders about these things besides myself;


Yes the mutagens assigned to abilities stack, as of course do the runes assigned to the armor. But any boosts assigned to swords only apply when you actually have "that" sword equipped.


It does not matter about not being able to get the Toad card in the inn as it doesn't count in the total for any of the Guent trophies or to fill your Guent book.   


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