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1 hour ago, melodicmizery said:

i think your right because i think i may have saw a update and just turned the game on without updating so i was offline. i think we may have found what the bug is then. offline may bug the trophy out. after i installed the update i turned it back on and won and it popped (as well as every ligament in my body hah)

it figures you already platted it, they added about 4 new boxers i think you would of liked. ivan drago seems a bit more powerfull then rocky so far.

i wont keep anymore of your time, nice talking to yah man, keep grinding them trophies. peace!


yes offline too doesnt unlock any trophy


np nice talking to you too :D


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Holy shit. Be careful when playing this game. I just took off my headset and I was swinging punches not any more then a foot away from my massive 4K TV. Somehow I had managed to move more then 10ft across my room over the course of a few matches without even noticing. 😅


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