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Amazon: MUA digital version back in stock


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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Bundle - PS4 [Digital Code] 


(this is no longer in stock. Once it does I’ll update it.)


just a heads up for those who still want it. 


Maybe this should be in sales and deals? If so can someone move it to there? Thanks in advance! 

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Codes are no longer available
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1 minute ago, kingdrake2 said:

60$. that's alot. i remember back then someone said it was going to be delisted that week ended up buying the whole set for 30$. realizing later that it didn't get delisted guessed it did pay off.

It is, and I also got it for $30 before it was delisted from the PSN. 

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On 12/6/2021 at 9:30 PM, Wesley said:

Does anyone know if the DLC trophies are possible within the base game? Or is the DLC required for the trophies also delisted? 


Since there is only one campaign, yes. You can use the DLC characters on Arcade Mode and on VS simulator discs. You can unlock outfits on VS simulator discs. 

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