Tips for the last 10 Recipes

By sona_11 in Little Dragons Café,
I just got the platinum that made me nearly lose my mind, so I decided to give you some tips for the last 10 recipes.   1- The rumor about the NPCs should visit you 50 times is wrong. Why ? Because I tested it myself  2- Each NPC have a favorite dish that is not related to their stories ( you can talk to them and they will tell what they like indirectly) Poncho: Satay  Celis: hot spicy - rice curry  Rosetta: sweet cold  Maurice: hot spicy - man’s curry (I’m not sure of the name) Hugh: meat ( i’m not really sure sorry) Ginji: bitter cold - potato salad Chou Chou- sweet - green salad, chocolate sundae  Miere: cold - fruit salad Lanch: warm sweet - muffin  Dr.Zeff: Bouillabaisse 3- after long time of serving and waiting, the NPCs will start to ask for their dishes that are related to their stories, this means that you’re a little close for them to give you their recipes  4- It’s better for the served dish to be of high quality so they give you a good review ( the review is important ) 5- To not waste ingredients, put in the menu a dish that can’t be made and when  the NPC visit the cafe, add their favorite dish and serve it to them    I hope that helped you a little       
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