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Hello guys i am starting this thread cause i am not aware of anybody coming up with a straight answer as to which songs are the easiest all in one thread so this is why i am writing this also i am writing this so it saves alot of you guys time and money i will list the songs that i found to be easiest in certain games as well as downloads so you may find some downloads might be found from other games in the series so if you do feel free to buy those copies... i am not an expert on singing but i think i am on a intermediate level in terms of getting the pitch just right, i mostly used my voice to cheat in the game. And be sure to play while signed in so your stats will appear on the leaderboards, also i had downloaded more than expected so if theres any songs you found very easy feel free to post them here... 


3 doors down - krytonite 2,845,737 (singstar pop) (download) easy song great for players who are above beginner level/ below intermediate 


30 seconds from mars - the kill 2,819,035 (download) took me a few tries to get the pitch just right and hitting the high notes was not bad but all in all not the hardest song on my list i also played this song on rock band and this was a no brainer


abba - chiquitita 2,801,570 (abba singstar) i had got this on the 5th or 6th try not very hard 


Abba - dancing queen 2,802,536 (abba singstar) again another abba song very easy to sing not much trouble got it on 2nd try


The all-american rejects - move along 2,800,491 (singstar pop) Only hard part of this song is the beginning and end but nonetheless i have gotten singstar ratings two times it just take practice


The beach boys - barbara ann (lead or backing) 2,800,699 (download) i found this song to be very easy not much said got this on 2 tries, its all about preference if backing does not work for you try lead and vice versa


the beach boys - Surfin’ USA (lead) 2,807,615 either version im sure anybody can do just fine  i found the lead to be easier just cause i knew the song took me a like 15 to 20 tries its a good fun song to sing too i also needed to change my pitch somewhere along the lines “everybodies gone surfing, surfin’ USA”  this was the most difficult part of the song once you get this part down then your good


Blur - beetlebum 2,835,482 (download) this song was not to bad just change your pitch a few times here and there not a truly hard song i think this should be a song that is for the people who have intermediate experience but its still not very hard for someone who is a beginner  


Boney. M - Ma baker (lead) 2,808,769 (download) truly one of the easier songs on my list based on the fact that the pitch will be the same if you follow lead also a very catchy song


Cyndi lauper - time after time 2,808,214 (singstar 80s) (download) this song was pretty easy for the most part and this songs available on download


europe - final countdown 2,857,275 (singstar 80) (download) this song was my last one and by far the easiest on my list 


a flock of seaguls - I ran 2,841,674 (singstar 80s) (download) very easy song notice how you need to change your pitch when he sings “I couldn’t get away”


Hoobastank - the reason 2,827,569 (singstar pop) (download) great song for the beginners in mind even the majority of people will be able to get singstar rating in this one if not i suggest practicing if for any reason you dont get singstar rating try changing your pitch between verses and see how it works


the human league - (keep feeling) fascination 2,807,054 (download) again another catchy song very easy to sing not much said got it on 3rd or 4th try


M - pop muzik (backing) 2,844,883 (download) without a doubt one of the easiest songs (duets) ever. 


pet shop boys - it’s a sin 2,860,622 (download) again another very easy song it may take a few tries if you have never heard of this track before but if you notice the part where he sings “it’s A it’s A it’s A sin” you will see its the same pitch 


Snow patrol - chasing cars (2,805,639) another easy song nothing difficult just practice


Survivor - eye of the tiger 2,804,082 (singstar 80)

this song was another very easy song to sing also i had enough experience in this song thanks to rock band


twisted sister - we’re not gonna take it 2,819,995 (singstar 80) another very easy song might need some practice though


The vines - ride 2,780,507 (download) may take a few tries to get the pitch this is another song i did not need the singstar rating in but i got this one on another ps3 so i think it did not register


Most of these songs i mentioned i recommend for ps3 all of these songs are scores on my ps3 version.


                            **PS4 recommended list**


I will list a recommendation on which songs are the best to acheive the trophy most of these songs are available on the singstore which is convienient but i noticed there was about 9 or 8 i was missing for singstar quality on ps4 version so i downloaded and listed all songs that are available for the ps4 version, all of these songs are available on the ps3 version as well so if you like to get an extra platinum you can but BOTH PLATFORMS NEEDS TO BE EARNED INDIVIDUALLY **WARNING** BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO GO FOR THIS RARE TROPHY YOU MUST BE SIGNED IN THE SINGSTAR SERVERS AND PSN TO ACHEIVE THIS TROPHY **WARNING** some of these songs are not currently available on the sing store for purchase on ps4 but they are playable so I will update this list


Krytonite - three doors down /my score 2, 810, 989 (unavailable)


The kill - 30 seconds to mars /my score 2, 809, 321


Babara ann - the beach boys (lead or backing) /my score 2, 821, 383 (unavailable)


Beetlebum - blur /my score 2, 822, 044 (unavailable)


Its my life - bon jovi /my score 2, 814, 917 (unavailable)


livin’ on a prayer - bon jovi /my score 2, 807, 681 (unavailable)


Ma baker - Boney M. /my score 2, 816, 103


My immortal - evanescence /my score 2, 803, 845 (unavailable)


More than words - extreme (gary) /my score 2, 808, 038 (unavailable)


She drives me crazy - fine young cannibals /my score 2, 814, 283 (unavailable)


The reason - hoobastank /my score 2, 829, 915 (unavailable)


Imagine - john lennon /my score 2, 819, 798


Day N’ nite - Kid cudi /my score 2, 823, 898


Mr. Brightside - the killers /my score 2, 822, 818 (unavailable)


Pop muzik - M /my score 2, 853, 186


Pipes of peace - Paul McCartney backing over 2.8 million can’t remember exact score (unavailable)


We all stand together - Paul mcCartney and the frog chorus (lead) /my score 2, 827, 483 (unavailable)


it’s a sin - pet shop boys /my score 2, 845, 466 (unavailable)


No surprises - radiohead /my score 2, 815, 336 (unavailable)


Chasing cars - snow patrol 2, 800, 991(unavailable)


I unlocked the trophy after i got my ++singstar++ rating @ song 19 which is a good thing one song less 😀


                                {{Honorable Mentions}}


this is a seperate list i made compiling both of ps3/ps4 versions of singstar xmb but i never scored any higher than singstar ratings so there was no need but im mentioning these because the songs were plausible to get a ++singstar++ again not really needed only added for variety


billy joel - uptown girl 2,684,757 (singstar 80’s) this song is pretty if you know where the will play in effect this is actually a very good song for beginners 


blur - country house (download) i have heard this song was easy but i never needed this for the trophy 


Frankie goes to hollywood - relax 2,326,746 (download) i heard this song was easy and yes it was but you need to practice the lines of course did not seem very hard but i did not need this for the trophies 


Hinder - lips of an angel 2,714,834 (singstar pop) first few tries on this song and this is what resulted however as all the rest under honerable mentions i did not need to practice this one


Madness - our house 2,516,242 (singstar 80s) did this on first try but again i never never needed this for “singstar quality”


men at work - who can it be now 2,654,961 (singatr 80s) i did not need this again but with a few tries you can get singstar rating


Pet shop boys - heart 2,432,801 (download) this song is easy to get a singstar rating but since i got this score i did not need to get a perfect score on this one still pretty easy to get 


R.E.M - orange crush 2,618,069 (backing) (download) this song was not very hard and i did not need it for getting “singstar quality” but i am posting this casue its one of the easier songs i found this song to have an intermediate level of dificulty 


Tubthumping - chumbawanba i heard this song was another easy one 


for ps4 I get my source from the score boards on singstar again these are honorable mentions I did not get any score on these songs I’m just recommending only reason why I’m recommending this list cause songs get swapped all the time


30 seconds to Mars - kings and queens 


Adele - rolling in the deep 


back street boys - I want it that way 


Boney M. - Daddy cool (for sure try this one)


Boney M. - rivers of Babylon


Celine dion - the power of love


cyndi lauper - time after time


East 17 - stay another day


Heart - alone


jason donovan - sealed with a kiss


kings of Leon - use somebody


Oasis - stop crying your heart out


Oasis - wonderwall


The offspring - want you bad


pink - I don’t believe you


plain white t’s - hey there delilah


Radiohead pyramid song


robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman - something stupid (download this for sure)


Scorpions - still loving you


Susan Boyle - amazing grace (download must)


toto - Africa (must download)


Train - hey soul sister 


Well i hope this helps players trying to get this platinum thanks for reading and i hope you guys have as much fun as i did i know i got 19 singstar ratings but i know theres one more but i cant remember which one it if i could switch out a disc version i will switch abba for singstar 90s but i dont need to i hope you guys enjoyed reading this and THANKS FOR READING!!!







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