Ultra easy 5 stars on time attack (+ extra pts on Stunt)

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This applies to the ps3 version, i don't know about the vita one.


I accidentally found out a nice glitch which makes the time attack tracks very easy, and that explain how people can have like 10 seconds WRs. The glitch consists in resetting the timer through "Restart track" but this last one will trigger from your last checkpoint instead.

To do so, you have to race till a checkpoint and pause the game right an instant before you actually hit the checkpoint, then pick "Restart track", if you paused in the right moment the timer will restart and you will resume from the checkpoint you were going to hit.


The Stunt trials are without doubt harder than the time attack ones so this won't lower the difficulty, but this can come in handy if you are really stucked, you can also try this if you are doing bad: keep playing till the last checkpoint (or one of the lasts, as you wish) and try the glitch, isn't easy to do but why not try in such situation 👍


EDIT: found out this works for Stunt too. Not particularly helpful but you can get addictional points for extra time.

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