Can't Purchase Episode 2?

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It appears that you can't purchase the 2nd episode individually like you could with the first episode. Instead, you have buy the episode 2-5 bundle if you bought the first episode individually. It's kind of annoying since the episode 2-5 bundle is $32.99, so if you bought the first episode on its own, you have to pay $1 more for the remaining episodes. I know it's only a dollar, but I was under the assumption that I'd just be able to buy episodes as they release since buying the first episode individually was an option.


So, just somewhat of a heads up I guess since this isn't typical of episodic games. Just buy the season pass if you're wanting to play this game since there's really no benefit in just buying the first episode unless you're wanting to just play the first episode to see how it is before buying the rest.


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