Post Your Results Screen & Fastest 'Survivor' Time!

Undead Wolf
By Undead Wolf in RESIDENT EVIL 2,
So Resident Evil 2 (2019) has been out for almost a week now, and if you're anything like me, you've already finished the game a few times. I thought it would be interesting to make a thread where people can post the results screen that pops up after beating a campaign which shows the game mode you were on, total amount of time, number of saves, and the rank you got. It doesn't have to be anything impressive, but since you're required to beat the game multiple times to get the platinum anyway, it would be cool to see how people have improved on subsequent playthroughs. Of course, if you do have an impressive results screen, feel free to show that off to everyone too.    Also, after you beat a '2nd Run' campaign and see the true ending, you will gain access to the 'Survivors' game mode. Currently it's limited to just Hunk and Tofu, but it was recently announced they would be adding more characters (source). It's a mode that encourages you to play it over and over again to get a better time, so posting your times in here is also welcome.   It's worth mentioning that even if you haven't been taking manual screenshots of your results screens, chances are that your PS4 automatically took one when the trophies for beating the game popped up. Then you can send the image to an alt account or someone's who's inactive (so you don't bother anyone), go to, check your messages, save the image to your PC, then upload it to a image hosting site like imgur. All you have to do then is post the link to it in here. There are others ways to do it, but that's the easiest way for me. Alternatively, you can just write down the times you got if you'd prefer doing that. You can check from the main menu in the 'Results' section or by looking at your stats on (so long as you allowed your data to be sent there).   Anyway, here's the results screen I got on my first playthrough of Leon's campaign:   This was my first playthough of Claire's campaign:   And finally, this is the best time I've managed in 4th Survivor so far:  
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