Do all the collectables show on the in-game map?

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Hi everyone, 


Held off getting God of War until I ran out of games to go through. I had a quick peep at the trophy guide as I want to avoid any spoilers to the story or cool surprises etc. 


But one pic in the guide shown a map of the 9 or something and in that was a box showing which shops had been found and other unlocks. Now its not a massive deal, but do all these shops and stuff show up on the in-game map without you needing to keep checking the net? Sort of like how they were in the Arkham series or Bully. 


Like I said its not going to put me off, but its so much cooler when you can just put the game on and jam along without having to keep getting up to check an online guide, as everything is already on the map.


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The collectibles (Artifacts) & Odin's ravens do not show up on the map, you'll have to keep a guide nearby if you want to run through them fast.


What does show up on the map though; (Might wanna finish the game or get far into the story before reading this)


Upon completion of the main story, only the Valkyries's locations will be shown on the map, the rest (Artifacts, Odin's Ravens, Dragons & Jötnar shrines) will not. 
Although you'll do run into the Dragons while doing the main story and Brok & Sindri's quests.



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