How to fix the Maximum survivor trophy glitch on Xbox or PS4

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Many of you probably got stuck at a certain level or even got to the maximum level and you still didn't even get the trophy well i figured out a way to fix it by just deleting the game and reinstalling it then playing it without installing the update, tricky yes for people who own the game digitally but for disc users this should be no problem. 

 You also should save there progress using a USB drive or saving it in clouds then just start the game without the update, load in to the island go the menu and hit [PS4] (L1, R1,Square,Triangle) [Xbox](LB,RB,X,Y) you should see the admin command section press on it and type:


Cheat addexperience 9999999999999 0 0


and congrats you should have the trophy/achievement☺️

I have no idea if it works on PC


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There is no need to delete your game, the max level is buggy because of the DLC's, they raised the level cap. Luckily though, you don't need to buy them to get the trophy, all you need to do is open the admin command and type:


Playercommand Ascend1 

Then skip the end credits, reload your save, then type:

Playercommand Ascend2

Repeat, and finally:

Playercommand Ascend3


Then one last time, reload your save and then type:

Addexperience 10000000000 1 0



This is how I did it with my digital copy, and finally got the trophy. I guess the base game originally capped you at 115, but with DLC releases, now the cap is 130 or 135. These commands basically bypass the level cap and brings you to each DLC level cap. So now you should have no problem getting the trophy. Hope this helps :)


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