Quick tip for the Datascraper Trophy

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First of all you need to get 75k points (...I think).


On the run I did when I got 'A' rank I almost skipped all the rings on the last building. It takes a lot of time and you don't get that many points.


The most useful thing you can do is have Thundaga so you can mostly one shot the first few groups of enemies. I also used Shotlock with the Ultimate Weapon for the final wave. My clear time was just under 3 minutes and barely got over 75k. 


I also missed a bunch of rings while flying on Baymax in the beginning and lost close to 10 seconds on the first group of enemies because one flew off in a random direction, so there is a decent amount of wiggle room as long as you can blow up the enemies. 

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Thanks for the top.  No seriously, followed what you said and that helped me get the A rank in the end, though with the final wave, I used Thundaga enough to trigger the Thundaza move, helped clear it out more easily, so again, thanks for that tip, helped me get the trophy in the end :D


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