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Been a member for over a month now and I'm already feeling disgusted with the platform itself, literally feels like I'm about to puke. Let me clarify why I'm making a thread about this, it seems as though "staff team" are nothing more but your average members. If you want help from those guys with technical support, forget it. You'll be answered by other members instead and that's my whole point, there is no actual "support" services coming from this platform. Meanwhile the owner of this site sits on his greasy fucking chair 24/7 making money off retards that contribute into his premium subscriptions. The platform does a good job for trophy statistics as well as the leaderboard ranking but if you were talk about the community or any sort of support then that's a whole different story, one that will make your head throb endlessly. From this post I expect a bunch of degenerates ganging up on me for shaming their petty environment and that's fine I'm not even going to bother replying, so go ahead please. 


If any admin or moderator reads this, I would truly be greatful to be removed off your platform, okay thanks. 😅👍


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