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Mini-FAQ (Spoilers)

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I should have the Platinum trophy in the next day or two, but I wanted to share some tips on avoiding a couple of pitfalls that people who played the Japanese version mentioned running into:

Getting the Joint Ending:
This is the easiest ending to get by accident, and the specifics are pretty simple: Don't complete all of a heroine's prerequisite events. Ending flag shouldn't matter.

Specific "Around" Events on 10/29
Yuno, Satsuki, and Natsume have events on 10/29 that actually happen after confirming their routes. Make sure they are the chosen heroine of the playthrough (easily checked by them being the ones who ask to walk to school with you after 10/14) but don't complete all of her events or don't set her ending flag. This requires a few playthroughs starting from at least 10/14. Just set Makoto's ending flag and focus on you chosen heroine.

Getting the Destruction Ending:
The worst ending in the game is actually fairly tricky to obtain and I got it by accident while aiming to complete Natsume's 10/29 Around. Complete all of a heroine's prerequisite events but do not set her ending flag at the Pool on 10/14.

Getting Makoto's Ending
Start from the beginning, always hang out with him when possible, avoid building reputation with any of the heroines, and suggest he be the one to escort Kanon home before the battle tutorial. Of course also set his ending flag on 10/14.

Various Heroine True/Normal Endings
Some heroines have their endings solely based on the final story choice with three distinct options. Others may have only two choices with reputation/ending flag choices made properly throughout her route. It may be necessary to speed through her route a second time making the correct/wrong choices to alter the final outcome.


What is the split with Fuuka in Kanon's route where there isn't a decision?

Lose the battle to reach the other node.


The "Get All Bad Endings" Trophy isn't popping.

Revisit and rewatch any Bad Ending after unlocking all of them and it should pop then.

Otherwise everything is very straightforward. Select every choice, select all six options on D4U events, use Quicksave at decision points, the Chart to return to previously-completed areas, and you'll hit 100% before you know it.


Please let me know if any of the above do not happen for you.


Edit: Updated with a couple more.

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