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Can somebody help me with this stupid mode they decided to add?

i have a problem with the figurines..which figurines are the best to use to defeat all of the battles without a struggle?

i made it to vados in the story mode in HC with zamasu, gotenks, 2 androids 16, ssgss goku, 
what changes should i make? maybe there's a glitch about my hp or the enemy's hp or a glitch to get plenty of experience and max out my figurines? Anything!!!


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Hi, just saw your post about the coliseum, what you need is the figures No.87 & 88 Adult Gohan, these will give you +30% to the ultimate attack gauge, make sure they are placed on the board first in their trigger square, level 20-30 will suffice, as their only purpose is to build your ultimate attack gauge for the turn 2 tactic. Attach the skills Def up sec, UTG up MHP50, UTG up FHP50 to one of your gohan's, your second Gohan will have the skills UTG up ET, Def up sec, UTG up FHP50.


You want No.120 Future trunks at level 60, who is your speedster, attach the skill STA Up 01, Atk up 01, SPD up 01 and put him behind one of the Gohan's, as your first turn. a No.183 Rose Goku black is good to have at level 60, as when he gets hit, he adds 10% to the ultimate gauge, which is repeatable. Attach the skills Atk up sec, Def up sec, UTG down ET. Vados N0.180 with Atk up sec, atk up 02, UTG up ET as your back up for defence.


The skills attach will help your ultimate gauge to go up and turn vados gauge down, when one of your gohan's go, replace him with Goku black, have Gohan on the trigger square and keep trunks behind Gohan, if you have done it correctly, on your 2nd or third turn, when your ultimate gauge is 100%, just place trunks alone on the field, on the ultimate attack gauge trigger square, no one else.


Trunks at level 60 and just place on his own with the attach skills, will have an speed of 4770. The skills attach will add x3 to his speed, which will enable you to attack first with the ultimate gauge and defeat vados, you can use this same tactic with the free battles as well. My master level was level 30 when I beat vados. other good figures to have will be No.23 vegeta, No.203 Goku (super saiyan god), No.12 Goku adds +15% to the ultimate attack gauge, which is repeatable.


Here is a video, which demonstrates the turn 2 tactic, with just using Gohan's -




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