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What is your least favorite trophy requirement?



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  1. 1. Least fave requirement

    • Missables
    • Multiplayer
    • Grinding
    • Collectables
    • Speed run
    • Replaying the game multiple times
    • S or Star ranks
    • Difficulty related
    • Other

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What is your least favorite trophy requirement in games?




Collectables, Missables, Multiplayer, Grindy, S ranks, etc.


Personally I dislike collectables because I hate looking at guides the whole time I play.

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Just now, MidnightDragon said:

Multiplayer. I don't mind collectibles that much, though some games get real stupid about it.

Yea multiplayer is also one I really dislike,  it stops me from even trying to get the one for The last of us,  I am very bad at multiplayer games.

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Absolutely multiplayer. All the rest depend on my skill (or lack thereof) and mine alone. Multiplayer adds other players into the mix that add an element of randomness and especially with co-op, it's no longer about my skill and I can easily be fucked over by whoever the game decides to pair me with (or, I could be the one fucking them over and then I'll end up feeling guilty. If I'm terrible at a solo game, there's no fallout and nobody would be upset by it.)

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Speedruns. I simply hate rushing through a game, and constantly checking the timer and reloading when you're a 1 millisecond late in a section. What's worse are games that you can only complete with a maximum of 2 minutes before the required deadline. Like the pre-Resident Evil 4 games. 


I hate MP. But they're alright when they encourage to try the MP. But I get really furious when they ask you to give your life to it. Like Rockstar's games. 

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Wish we can choose more than one but for me collectibles which also check the box for missables(most of the time collectibles are missable)! 


I loathe those things unless there's a proper in game tracker and clues on how to get them. 


Imagine trying to get the good ending for the metro games without a guide. Nigh impossible! 


Then MP comes next for sure. All the rest aren't bad at all and are fair game imo( if done with reason :P )

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I'm torn between so many of these options because I think there are situations where I'm okay with them in some respects, yet not okay in others. Ultimately I chose "Collectables" because this is the only time I'll actually use a guide, which I consider a form of cheating.


Missables -- I hate them when they require a full game replay, though a chapter replay I can deal with to some extent.
Multiplayer -- I'm not a fan of getting some high number of Ranked wins, or worse yet, consecutive ranked wins (looking at fighting games here)

Grinding -- A little bit is okay, but sometimes the yield of work they ask for is just out of line.

Collectables -- I really dislike being forced to use a guide. Some collectable systems I like are those which will give you hints as to the whereabouts of collectables without flat out telling you.

Speed Run -- Love them when they can be done in under an hour, anything more than that is a bit rough to fail and retry.

Replaying / Difficulty -- Not a fan of this in any capacity, especially when difficulties don't stack.


Thinking about this on my overall account, the one trophy I absolutely hated was Diamond Knack. I must have replayed the game about 7 times to complete that.


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5 minutes ago, Squirlruler said:

Other: Anything RNG based. Usually collectibles or grind, which I don't mind if they aren't random. I hate when I can't see progress towards a goal.

I really wish trophies had a percentage complete of different trophies kind of like Xbox it gets very encouraging knowing you are almost done with a trophy.

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I'll go with multiplayer aswell. If it's not a game that was specifically developed for multiplayer, it makes games dated. It becomes pretty much impossible to get the trophys the normal way, and having a boosting partner becomes a requirement, since the servers are dead. And it's usually very boring and grindy stuff you have to do, like reaching max level or whatever. I also HATE that you have to get a ps plus subscription to complete a single-player focused game. It's infuriating.

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missables and speed runs

and stupid grinding trophies or online trophies or the ones which force you to follow instructions

i wana play the game  and enjoy it and not forced to watch a guide all the time and be forced to follow the dev insutructions to plat the game like be a good guy the entire time or dont kill anyone the entire game

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20 minutes ago, DrakeHellsing said:

Speed runs.  I hate where games force you to do the game quickly like that instead of, you know, taking your time with the game, appreciating it for what it is, going at your own pace.


I second this.


Also multiplayer trophies.


7 minutes ago, iGGTheEnd said:

I really wish trophies had a percentage complete of different trophies kind of like Xbox it gets very encouraging knowing you are almost done with a trophy.


Me too. That's one of Xbox's best features in terms of achievement hunting. It helps a lot for collectibles trophies, especially if there's no in game collectible tracker. 

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