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Tips and tricks for new players?


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There are no missable trophies.  Each mission is designed to be replayed multiple times to complete the various challenges which is basically why you really can't miss a trophy.  You can save you progress, complete a challenge or objective towards a trophy requirement, reload and choose a completely different path and it will still count towards your completion.  eg assassinate a target with poison, trigger the challenge as completed, reload and assassinate the target via an accident and you will tick off both challenges.  This is handy if you want to fast track some trophies.


I believe the PSN version is the complete season one game so that should include all of the DLC that came in season one.  Hitman 2, if you purchase the game is all of content in season one plus all of the content in season 2 together.  There is no platinum in either Hitman or Hitman 2.

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