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Become the King of Rym 9000 Trophy topic


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This is a new game by Rainbite (from Reverie) and Sonoshee. I'm looking forward to this game. The Trophies look pretty decent. I wonder if it will be tough to grab them all in this shmup. The Gold Trophies seem to be challenging. 


Here is a trailer and there is also a physical version available at Play-Asia. I don't know if this has its own Trophylist. 




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7 hours ago, MooseSketts said:

Was hoping to see if there was a way to turn off the crazy seizure-inducing graphics to have something a little more.. flat.


There's a 'reduced effects' option exclusive to the PS4 version. Makes your eyes hurt less, especially if it's something you're sensitive to.

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I've been playing this over the last working week (eu version), currently at 90% with just that NX Family trophy left. Thing is the game has frozen on me repeatedly & once fully crashed to a blue screen. Every time I'd go for the no powerups playthrough this would happen on stage 3 or 4. I finally managed to get a run without crashing & damn, that no powerup run is tedious and boring to say the least. It's been a bit of a shit experience not to mention the game which is like Triangle Service made a shooter for an old handheld, but there's no shooting love involved in it. The game feels like it has contempt for shooting. I really wanted to like it, some of it's great but yeah dunno about this...


Trophy set isn't too bad or demanding but some of it's pretty annoying. I'd probably have it done if it weren't for the frequent crashes.


*edit* Got the platinum. I thought The NX family trophy was going to be a total bastard, but it was made simple by using the area 3 weapon that shoots 2 shots behind & one in front, I was able to beat the area 4 boss without touching the walls by getting as close as I could to the side & just moving up & down with it using that weapon for the first phase & the 2nd phase just did it as normal. Similar thing to the kill all targeters in area 3 which was made easy with the (right side) stage 2 powerup. I didn't use a guide for any of this so I suppose it's all intuitive enough. I certainly feel a little bit better about it now it's done. If I hear about a patch for that freezing might even do another stack if I'm feeling masochistic one day. "King of Rym" might even make a nice milestone. Hmmmn....


**edit** It's been a couple of months & I had the impulse to do the other stacks. The second time around I really liked the game just relaxed, enjoyed the music & only had one freeze & one blue screen. Third time around was a bit annoying as the lawliet womb trophy trolled me for an hour then the game froze but I got 92% of the trophies done in one sitting the third time around. Both stacks the first thing I went for was the very boring play-through with no powerups. Next playthrough after that I'd get NX Family out of the way (dumb trophy imo!!) & it was smooth sailing from there. Overall I felt like this is one of the better triple stack trophy whoring experiences and a lot more interesting to do than the newest 10 minute all-golds game of the week.

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