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MI6 Ops - 4 stars tips


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In case you don't wanna use the code trick to pop all MI6 operations' trophies (which i heard may also mess some other trophies) i post here the modifiers i used for the operations since i couldn't find a list somewhere, i don't know the exact scores required for 4 stars so you could change a bit my suggestions and test for yourself, if you find easier settings say so. Note that even if you use the following modifiers you may miss the 4 stars because you were way too slow, and i can tell you that i wasn't fast at all. Lastly, my modifiers were named in italian and here i tried to translate them, so they could be called a bit differently.


Usual Set-ups:

  • Eliminations:
  1. Health X0.5- seems low but you can actually get a good amount of damage, if you are used to Veteran campaigns of CoDs this shouldn't be too bad
  2. Number of Enemies: 50
  3. Enemies' Health: X2.0
  4. Accuracy: 8
  5. Enemies' aggression: 9 - usually you will camp in a spot so if they come to you rather than messing around or camp as well, it is better so you will finish earlier and have a better score
  6. Grenade frequency: 9 - if you have played World at War on veteran you should be used to grenades rain
  7. All other modifiers turned OFF



  • Defences:

Same as Elimination, however activate the Unlimited Ammo, put Console's Health to X1.5 and Accuracy to 9


  • Stealth: i will link some helpful vids, just mimic them with the used modifiers shown there, you don't need to be so perfect, mainly is all about following their path and killing the enemies in their order






I suggest to camp on your spawn point, at the beginning you can run to where the first truck arrives and blow it for the first 5 kills, afterwards you have to constantly move around your spawn point, between outside and inside (there are some stairs there from where the enemies can arrive) and kill whoever comes, be careful about the few snipers that will spawn, kill them with the sniper rifle you can find at the beginning.



A turret will stop working after 1 minute, so i highly suggest to activate it when you have to resist for 1 last minute, using only the turret closest to the console and not the others which you wanna save for the other consoles; if you are in a critical situation where there are too many enemies shooting to the console you can activate the turret earlier than 1 minute left.

The furthest console should the the hardest to defend so begin from there, stay on the top and kill anyone from there, at times some enemies may take the stairs and reach you from your right side so watch out.

The 2nd console should be your next target, this is a bit hard so some trial and error may be needed.

The 1st console is the easiest so you should leave it for last.






A bit of trial and error and you will mimic this easy strategy, of course you don't need to be SO fast.


NightClub (Elimination):

You wanna camp on your spawn point, go behind you and down the stairs, move forward over the glass and from here you can kill the enemies incoming, at times go back if the situation requires so and watch out for some enemies that may arrive from the above floor, mainly you will move between the spot where the glass is and the top of the stairs.

It can happen that the last enemy of a wave gets stucked, it happened twice to me on the opposite side of the map, so go there and kill him if this happens then quickly go back to your camp point. You have 2 turrets available although i haven't found them very helpful.




This is hard, you wanna save all 3 grenades for the enemies dropping from the choppers, the idea is to throw a grenade where these enemies are supposed to drop, with some luck and coordination most of them will die.

Pick the shotgun, it will be your only used weapon, with unlimited ammo and a kill for every 1-3shots even from medium range this weapon can make the difference.

Start from the hardest console, the first, you have to move around while quickly killing anyone you see, if you need cover go inside the storage opposite from the console, while being careful for some enemies that may come here from a secondary entrance. This part takes some attempts.

The furthest console is almost as hard as the first one, during the first wave the first enemies should appear from where you entered in this open area, others will appear on the balcony on the right of the console and from some doors located on the bottom of this building. The 2nd wave should be easy, with the grenades' frequency modifier the enemies should kill themselves with the grenades, although some will survive and drop from a window into the balcony. The 3rd wave should have a lot of enemies coming from the doors and a chopper will drop troops on the opposite of the console, if you don't kill those quickly you are probably going to die.

The last console (2nd) at this point is not too bad, just be careful about the corridors which can cause a huge enemies regroup, if necessary run away through the door that brings to the 3rd console.



Very easy, you can probably mimic this vid on your first try.






Leave from your starting point and go to the left: this side of the map will be your main spot, usually you have to move along this corridor while killing whoever you see, in the middle of this spot there is a window facing the main area of the map with 2 turrets as well from which you can get some kills.

When there is 1 enemy left or so, he may get stucked, so go to look for him but watch out for those 2 turrets in the middle.

Fairly easy operation, nothing important to report.



This is tricky.

First, get a weapon from the crates in front of you, a bit forward is a Sly, DON'T pick it yet, instead go to the right on top of the towerwatch and get the sniper then go and use the console inside the small building, this is the hardest to defend and if you leave this for later you will have extra snipers to deal with, and trust me, their current number is already enough.

For the first 2 waves you shouldn't have too many problems, although the 2nd will have a huge amount of enemies so you may need to leave from the door on the right behind the container. This is also the spot you MUST run to as soon as the 3rd wave begins, there will be 2 snipers and you have to kill them as soon as possible with your sniper rifle, now for the rest of the time and even afterwards you must do your best to survive, you will be surrounded by enemies and an insane grenades' rain, move carefully but also quickly to avoid being killed; once the timer is over you will still have to fight with the large amout of enemies remained.

After this hell, let's go to take the Sly over the sniper rifle and activate the console on the ground; your main cover will be the small building where you activated the first console, use the Sly to quickly take care of the enemies. The 2nd wave will spawn from the opposite building and then some others will appear close to the container. During 3rd wave a chopper will drop some enemies, also from now on just like with the first console you will have a lot of enemies attacking, for the last 20 seconds focus on the enemies close to the console and get cover when needed, if your console had a lot of health before the 3rd wave you should be fine.

Last console is not too bad, bring back your sniper rifle over the Sly and go for it, you can use a turret from the laptop inside the building on the left of the console, use it for the last minute. Be aware of an enemy sniper once the 2nd wave begins who is located more or less in front of you.



Do not forget to pick the overpowered shotgun on the right!

This should be very easy, although i haven't found any good spot since while searching for it i actually completed this operation. Maybe if you need one you can do this: from your starting position go forward a bit take the first right, follow this path until you have to choose a new direction and go right, this path until the stairs may be a decent place, with your shotgun you should be able to annihilate all the enemies.


NightClub (Stealth):



This is the only case where you must be fast, so be sure about yourself and mimic the strategy (for modifiers put enemies' health to X4.0 and the rest turned OFF), i got 4 stars with a time of 5min and 30sec. In this vid, i suggest to change 2 things:

-1:44 follow the guy going away and stay on the right to avoid the camera, stealth kill this guy once he opens the door and goes out then come back, shoot the camera and then shoot to the other enemy

-4:27 after killing the alone enemy shoot also to the camera


Solar (Assault)

This will require some unique modifier set-ups:

  • Health X1.0
  • Enemies' health X4.0
  • Accuracy 6
  • Aggression 9
  • Grenades' frequency 5
  • Radar OFF
  • Unlimited Ammo ON
  • Golden Gun OFF
  • Marksman ON


Your main target is to stay at the bottom and kill the various enemies incoming, however when the 2 snipers appear and you kill both, immediately run above where they were and take the sniper rifle dropped, this will help a lot in killing distant enemies. Now run back to where you were, however once you take the stairs down after picking the weapon i suggest to turn right and take cover for few sec because the turret will be still aiming at you.

Try to leave 1 enemy alive on the highest spot because once he dies a chopper will spawn, and you want to run as soon as possible to the top inside a building, and doing so starting from the bottom isn't a good idea. Be sure to destroy the first turret's console and sabotage the second one which will kill the last guy survived and you can go straight into the building.

After taking the stairs the yellow doors behind you will close, this spot is where you want to stay to cover from the chopper and expose yourself to hit with an RPG which you can find on top floor in the middle, take the small stairs up and turn left to find it then run as hell back to your safe spot.

After the first phase proceed to the next indicator and immediately run all the way back again to your spot and finish the chopper, finally proceed and kill the last enemies with your RPG.

This operation took me around 20min but i still got 4 stars.


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This is some really great stuff, especially since there really isn't much information out there on how to go about these missions. You should've posted it a few weeks ago so I could've used it when I went for those stars ? Thanks for taking the time to put this together though! One thing I'll throw in (since it worked well for me) is how I went about the Elimination missions. It was a little while ago since I did it, so exact details are a bit fuzzy, but here's the gist:

  • Set enemy numbers, health, aggression, accuracy, and grenade frequency to the maximum values.
  • Have all modifiers turned off EXCEPT for Marksman.
  • Set your health to a value that you're comfortable with (I can't remember what I set mine at; I might've left that at x1.0).

Now, you'll want to focus on killing enemies by melee and explosions. Killing enemies in this manner bypasses the restrictions set by the Marksman modifier (where you can't damage enemies with body shots). Melee damage isn't affected by the increased enemy health either (same goes for explosions, I think), so you can still kill enemies with one good whack. Additionally, when the melee kill animation is triggered, you don't take any damage while it's playing out, even if a grenade blows up at your feet. This also gives you a bit of time to trigger the health regeneration. Note the headshots with shotguns are also decently effective.


There were two things that did suck about this method though...

  • There are a few enemies that can't be reached for a melee kill. I'd just work on picking these guys off when there weren't a lot of enemies close by. But since their health is maxed out and Marksman is active, enemies will take several sniper rifle headshots before they're killed.
  • It seemed to take awhile to complete each Elimination mission by using this method, though I can't say how it compares time-wise to the methods listed above. However, I got 4 stars every time I completed these missions with these settings, so I do think that this setup gives some buffer room for errors.

So be aggressive and go berserk, but you aren't invincible, so take cover when the baddies bring on the heat!

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