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Infinite Shiv Glitch


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A few years ago I got flagged for this game because the guides weren't updated at the time showing you how to unlock Grounded + mode early thus popping all the difficulty trophies without needing multiple playthroughs. I missed a few collectables on my first playthrough and mopped them up on Grounded + mode which lead to some people thinking I got flagged over the collectibles saying that it's impossible to get the resources needed to open the shiv doors. Whilst the matter was settled and all was right with the world again, I never did answer this accusation and since there's nothing on here explaining it, I thought I'll show how it's possible to get infinite shivs. 


*I'll post a video below - I did the PS3 version but this should work for both PS3/PS4 copies of the game*


1) You need an upgraded melee weapon (weapon + shiv attachment) and the materials needed to make a shiv (binding + blade) 

2) You then need to be in an area where there is a normal melee weapon on the ground (Bills Town is a good recommendation) 

3) Swap your upgraded weapon for the ungraded weapon and then immediately swap back to your upgraded weapon

4) You should get a free shiv (or at least a shiv fragment) *it's been a few years since I played this*
5) Repeat till you have maximum shivs

This glitch is brilliant for opening up all the shiv doors as well as crafting nail bombs needed to take down some of those bloater dudes later on in the game. Hope this makes everyone's grounded + playthrough much easier :)



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