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Some questions on platinum


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I played the Momohime campaign on Chaos up till the final boss.  Then I seemed to hit a wall since there were no swords I could upgrade until I beat the game or do the white caves, which require beating the game.  I turned the difficulty down to Legend and beat the game. 


I'm going to hit this wall again on Fury?  There's no way to get around not being able to get better swords before beating the final boss, right?


Now I can't open the white caves until I do the other campaign but it looks like I'll have to do both campaigns on Fury and get all 108 swords on Fury anyways?  I need all 108 swords on Fury to get all endings so I'm wondering if it's worth getting all 108 swords on Legend/Chaos difficulty?


I suppose I'm going to need to do all caves anyways and it sounds like that is really frustrating on Fury so maybe I should just keep going on the Legend/Chaos difficulty? 


TL:DR: Should I unlock and jump into Chaos to get all the trophies after beating the game only once, or would I be better going for trophies on the easier difficulty first?

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Been a while since I played this, so forgive me if it's not 100% accurate.


The easier and safer way is to do the cleanup on legend first, as you'll have to get all the accessories and do all the caves anyway. Then on your fury playthrough you'll only have to do the caves of evil that contain the swords and you can ignore some of the longer ones that contain specific accessories.


Then again, fury isn't particularly hard and I would say it is probably easier than chaos, as it's basically just a legend mode where you die from one hit (which you can get around via abusing blocking and whetstones anyway). So if you wanted to do it the most efficient way, I suppose you could just collect everything on fury

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