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For the platinum in this game, you need to defeat 15 bosses specified by the hunting quests. There are 21 hunting quests in the game, but quest 0 is required by the story and the rest are made to be done in a set order. As a result, I'll only show the locations from boss 0 to 14, since you can't unlock 15 before 14 is done, and 14 will get you the trophy.


(These pictures were made for a guide by Wdog-999, so you'll be seeing him post these pictures somewhere else on the net.)


I don't know the names of things, so I'm labeling them by the nation's name and/or what they look like (Also because the official names aren't out yet)


Fire Mountain (on Lastation Island)



Laststation Island



Library (Lowee Island)



Fairground Castle (Lowee Island)



Lowee Island



Planeptune Island



Warp-pipe (on Central Island)



Central Island Fortress





0. End of the Fire Mountain

(No pic at this time)


1. "Hidden" area on the top of all the platforms



2. "Hidden" area in the central area of Lastation Island. Might require at least pudding jump to get there.

(No pic at this time)


3. End of the hallway in the 2nd half of the library



4. Side room in the fairgrounds castle



5. "Hidden" area in Lowee Island. Might require at least pudding jump to get there.



6. End of a hallway in the fairgrounds castle



7. Side room in Planeptune Island



8. On top of the main road in the pipe on Central Island. Between the 2nd and 3rd enemies in the first room, there is a raised platform. Above the raised platform is a hole in the pipe. Put a pudding down to jump through the hole and get on top of the pipe. Down a bit, you can meet the boss



9. Middle of the main screen of the fairgrounds



10. Outside the companion house (where you meet Compa)



11. Dead end in the Central Island Fortress



12. On top of some platforms to the side of the main path in the Fire Mountain



13. Side room in Lowee Island.



14. Side room in the Fire Mountain. To get here, drop down in this room, and hug the right wall. When you're near the bottom, you'll arrive in this room.


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