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1 hour ago, Colin_Raleigh said:

It froze on me and the weapons also froze countless times in the game, it's total ass gravy. Pieces of shit like this get put on sale for a reason, Sony can't make any money off of them under normal circumstances.

Ugh... I need to re evaluate my life playing this stuff lol... I tried again and the game kept freezing and crashing after each match. Finally got 100% now the best part of the game! Uninstall! lol

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On 2/13/2019 at 11:30 PM, diskdocx said:

I had no problems with the performance of the game. No crashes at all. And the weapons don't freeze - that's just you reloading.


Game was ok. Nothing special. About an hour to get 100%, and for $3, it was fine.


Same here, no issues, but the loading times were way much to long for such small title.


If you are lucky enough to get all the 10 kills for each class and win the match without catching any system, you can complete the game in 25 mins :].
Of course I messed up badly and twice I have capturing the system in last second of the game by pressing the button accidentally ;(.

Really easy 100% - 1.5/10.

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